GEE Unveils Groundbreaking Entertainment Platform to Stream In-Flight Movies and Content


Los Angeles, CA | April 6, 2016– Global Eagle Entertainment Inc., (Nasdaq:ENT) (“GEE”) a worldwide provider of aircraft connectivity systems, operations solutions and media content to the travel industry, today announced the launch of Entice, GEE’s next generation platform for wireless inflight entertainment (IFE) on passenger devices. The ground-breaking new product bundles proven hardware, software, content and services, transforming the inflight passenger experience.

Entice (Entertainment, Information, Communication and E-Commerce) is reshaping the IFE market for airlines that have not traditionally offered inflight content options. It further provides carriers with a new and more personalized option to extend their existing IFE footprint.

Entice brings a new wave of entertainment and interactive solutions, including:

– Supersized content: Offering up to 10,000 hours of content, Entice has an unprecedented library of popular titles, including movies and television shows from around the world.
– Personalized entertainment: Entice’s intelligent user profiling capability provides relevant content recommendations and a more seamless experience from flight to flight.
– Passenger engagement: Airlines can gain valuable insight through comprehensive usage reporting and analytics, enabling more targeted advertisements and offers.

Entice is powered by GEE’s award-winning Airtime platform, which delivers unrivaled service on over 700 aircraft today. As an integrated streaming solution, Entice is bundled and sold with a single, all-inclusive monthly recurring charge for hardware, software, content and services, thus removing management complexities for airlines. Detailed analytics optimize the delivery of targeted advertisements and the solution can be coupled with generating sales and integration with onboard operations.

Entice has market leading storage capacity of up to 10,000 hours of content. Standard content features a broad mix of movies, TV, games and music. Premium upgrade options include new release titles, digital publications, near-live news and sports, and destination information. Entice is also ready for upgrade to Ku- or Ka-band satellite connectivity with high speed Internet and live content.

“Entice is a cutting-edge inflight solution developed to help global airlines offer personalized passenger entertainment,” explained Alexis Steinman, SVP of Digital Media Solutions for GEE. “The volume of content and intuitive browsing deliver an experience comparable to popular home streaming services. It is the perfect solution for airlines seeking a new generation of IFE.”

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