Turkish Airlines Flies with SKYFE


Turkey | March 2016– The Wireless Inflight Entertainment System, “SKYFE”, developed jointly by HAVELSAN and TURKISH TECHNIC has won the Turkish Airlines tender. According to the results of the tender, 44 airplanes of Turkish Airlines will fly with the first “Made in Turkey” IFE System, SKYFE.

The Wireless Inflight Entertainment System, SKYFE, developed within the scope of the Strategic Partnership Agreement between Turkish Technic and HAVELSAN is now in the sky… Turkish Airlines, flying to more points than any other airlines in the world, and a Star Alliance member, will have 44 of its airplanes equipped with SKYFE.

The Turkish Airlines tender, where Turkish Technic and HAVELSAN participated jointly, was won with two important IFE products: Wireless Inflight Entertainment System and Tablet Based Inflight Entertainment System. According to the results of the tender, Turkish Technic and HAVELSAN partnership crossed the finish line ahead of seven other firms. The tender was won with the participation of two family products, the Wireless Inflight Entertainment System known as SKYFE‐W and the Tablet Based Inflight Entertainment System known as SKYFE‐T.

Targeting to be a strong brand name among Wireless Inflight Entertainment systems with innovative design and the advantages it provides, SKYFE‐W is demonstrating a successful performance even during the certification process

completed in a short period. The Inflight Entertainment System, is one of the services that is emphasized by many airlines in recent years in order to increase passenger satisfaction, and the SKYFE‐W, presents an innovative approach with passengers able to download applications from the platforms such as Google Play and Apple Store to their own personal electronic devices (tablets, laptops, smart mobile phones) during preflight and access wireless entertainment system which provides Audio and Video on Demand, Flight Map, Electronic Publications, Surveys and other services during the flight.
The SKYFE‐T System, in particular on flights where Inflight Entertainment System is not available, provides an entertainment service to Business Class passengers by providing high resolution tablets. With the preloaded tablets (films, music, magazines, documentary, surveys etc.), Business Class passengers will have a special entertainment opportunity with high video quality. The SKYFE‐T System, when used on airplane with the Wireless Inflight Entertainment System (SKYFE‐W), will automatically connect to the existing server on the airplane will access a 1.8 Tbyte media content while at the same time provide access to maps and flight information (height, speed exterior temperature etc.).

Selected as the ʺBest Airline Company in Europeʺ* for five years in a row, Turkish Airlines, by providing a unique opportunity with SKYFE as the perfect entertainment in inflight experience for its passengers, is able to install the system in its Boeing 737 airplane and continues its activities to install the system in its Airbus A320 airplane family.

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