YOURSpace: One Serves All – KID’s Compatible Power


Today, users of mobile devices expect to be connected – always and everywhere – to work with, to communicate with, or just to be entertained. More and more, passengers bring and use their own devices onboard… and the aircraft industry is recognizing this need. To serve and provide power for personal electronic devices is becoming essential for every airline, but technology today is getting more complex, while the demand for portable device power increases constantly. So, in-seat power suppliers are faced with the challenge of scope and diversity, of multiple vendors, who often support different systems. In effect, this means not every outlet unit can serve sufficient power for charging – so there is a greater need for compatibility!

With its intelligent SKYpower USB power product, KID-Systeme is offering one of the first compatible solutions which is already flying and proven on a many aircraft. The system supplies all standard marketable and USB-chargeable devices with constant maximum power. Primarily, passengers will benefit from fast charging time which translates to maximum use of their PEDs. Furthermore, due to innovative and advanced technology, USB power is provided directly from the outlet unit. Thus, there is a minimal supply line between outlet unit and power supply… so the passenger can use their own cable without any restrictions! One power system that serves all – the KID solution is the easiest way to provide maximum power and pave the way to satisfied passengers.


  • MaximumPower Output 2.1 Amps
  • Maximum Compatibility
  • Highest Safety Standards
  • Easy Installation
  • Small & Lightweight USB Outlet Units
  • Customizable & Deliverable With Front Plates in Any Color
  • Different Packages Available
    • *Single and Double Outlet Units
    • *Combined AC USB Outlet Units

More Than Standard

As already mentioned “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) is becoming more and more essential for every airline in the world. Nowadays, passengers expect to be entirely entertained during flight. Aviation’s IFE industry is faced with an increasing demand for fast and compatible solutions for both in-seat media-tainment, and especially, for wireless portable IFE. Further, passengers prefer using their own personal devices like tablets, smartphones, and laptops to stream wireless media content onboard, so reports “Looking On IFE Trends”. We note that they also point out the emergence, and need for, wireless entertainment solutions.

As a result of this increasing demand, KID developed a hardware solution based on the latest on-ground standards to provide high-speed WiFi for all personal electronic devices. With this latest wireless inflight solution, KID enables airlines to deploy an enhanced and optimized wireless distribution – much better than the one which is widely used on ground today. Airlines will also benefit from low cost of ownership and easy installation… all with the greatest product capability available today.

With the latest WiFi-standard and compatible USB power solutions, KID-Systeme offers an innovative and future-focussing package of technology to serve both passenger and airline’s needs. “To find out more about KID and our all-around cabin system solution, we would like to welcome you at our website and our at our booth at AIX16 in Hamburg. See you there!”

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