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Imagine reaching your assigned seat to find your own personal welcome from the airline on the in seat display.  That’s lovely and there’s no doubt you’re in the right seat.  You can immerse yourself in the entertainment system straight away and escape a little from the strangers and ruckus around you.  You find that the airline has suggestions from this month’s content as to what to watch or listen to that match your tastes, the embedded system allows you to quickly control your search for other alternatives using your own preferences to drill down into the rich content offering of early window movies, TV series & box sets, music, news and regional programming  and then you’re surprised by the innovative new media and non- traditional content you didn’t expect to see.

Having settled in and made your choices for the journey ahead, the cabin crew stop by and address you by name to say hello and add their own welcome and check whether you’d like your usual drink after take-off as well as assuring you of your allergy requirements have automatically made allowance for the special meal you forgot to order or the meal choice you normally go for wont have run out by the time they get to your row like some of those other airlines.

You work using the in-seat power or just charge your tablet for later and then watch what you want at your own pace and as the cabin lighting transitions a beautiful sunset you eventually nod off and thankfully aren’t woken for the breakfast you never choose to have arriving having maximized your possible sleep time with a gentle awakening to a stunning dawn.

That’s the kind of flight experience you’d have expected from one of the premium carriers but that’s not who you flew with – “wow, I’ll do that again” you think.

It’s the little things that mean a lot; that’s what makes the ordinary into an extraordinary travel experience with something new for each travel class to differentiate those products and services further and reciprocate the loyalty of frequent flyers in whatever cabin class they may be using.

Its digEcor’s purpose to enable that for airlines through the Glide embedded In Flight Entertainment, Engage Cabin Crew iPad Application, In seat-power options and Cabin LED Lighting systems.  Terabytes of reliably delivered content, personalized passenger service and fresher looking cabins aren’t so difficult to achieve.  Much more of the control resides with the airline and depends less on having the manufacturer re-configure seasonal changes etc.  digEcor’s systems are easy to install and enable, they are also highly configurable.

Paul Thorpe is VP Global Sales at digEcor, a technology company offering Integrated Flight Experience Solutions to the airline industry.  Based in the UK, Paul overseas all sales efforts across the US, Asia, Australia, Europe and The Middle East.”

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