Wow! Another Great IFE Innovation from Bluebox Avionics


London, United Kingdom | January 22, 2016– At the Aircraft Interiors Expo this year Bluebox Avionics introduces an exciting new addition to its range of innovative portable and wifi IFE solutions.

Bluebox Walk-on wiFE is a simple and inexpensive first step to introducing superb wireless streamed content to passengers in any aircraft cabin.
Before we talk about all the positives Bluebox Wow delivers, let’s start with the negatives:
• No long lead time required
• No cabin installation costs
• No passenger app required
Despite its remarkably low cost of ownership and ease of deployment Bluebox Wow delivers a flexible wireless capability supporting streamed video and audio content, games, digital publications and our new Seat2Seat networked messaging application. All that in a discrete unit about the size of the average lunchbox.

Why Walk-on wiFE?
For ultimate flexibility, Wow is a lightweight, portable product that can be taken onboard fully loaded, fully charged and ready to go. It’s easy to switch between aircraft as needed, and scalable from the smallest business or regional aircraft to the largest cabin deployments by simply utilising multiple Bluebox Wow units.

Bluebox Wow supports free-to-seat and pay-for-access commercial models, and again it’s simple to switch between them.

Our tried and tested high quality battery typically lasts up to 15 hours supporting up to 50 devices simultaneously. For even greater flexibility the rechargeable battery is easy to replace in flight turnaround, ensuring service continuity for even the longest sectors.

But does it deliver Early Window Content?
For an enhanced entertainment option Bluebox Wow interfaces seamlessly with our Bluebox Hybrid (iPad) units, which are approved by Hollywood studios to host pre-loaded EWC movies and enable access to streamed content. So while Bluebox Wow reaches all personal devices, airlines can offer a superior service proposition to premium passengers or generate ancillary revenue from onboard iPad rental.
Stand-alone or Hybrid, Bluebox Walk-on wiFE delivers fantastic value, flexibility and a great way to quickly introduce IFE for the first time.

A part of your IFE Evolution
Following a typical six months’ successful deployment of Bluebox Wow, and a proven business case, we recommend you consider upgrading to the fully installed Bluebox wiFE streaming solution. The additional benefits of our fitted system include enhanced performance, a wider choice of content options and extra operational features.

General specification
Small form-factor wireless streaming system
Lightweight, portable hardware
Simple controls to power on and show running status
Battery powered
Mil-spec ruggedized battery unit tested to UL standards
Up to 15 hour battery life (verification pending)
Up to 50 users per unit (verification pending)
Simple installation (carry on and secure in overhead bins)
Simple update process via wifi connection
Intuitive GUI
Comprehensive reporting statistics:
• content items used
• system status
• system location (“last seen” data)

Key content features
Video content
Music & audiobook content
Newspapers & magazines updated daily
HTML5 games
Movie trailers & snackable content
Destination guides
Seat2Seat networked messaging
Resort excursion bookings
Inflight menu & meal ordering
Drinks ordering
Duty free catalogue

CMT options
Modular Cabin Application Host Platform architecture can be extended to support crew messaging, crew reporting, stock control, and other operational functions.

The complete Bluebox range
Bluebox is committed to delivering a suite of innovative IFE solutions that give airlines the scope to expand or develop their IFE offer as their requirements evolve:
Bluebox Ai
An iPad-based stand alone solution providing extremely rapid deployment, supporting a full range of content types including pre-loaded Early Window Content.
Bluebox Hybrid
An enhancement of Bluebox Ai, offering all its capabilities and content categories plus the ability to connect with Bluebox or third party streaming systems. Bluebox Hybrid is the elegant way to deliver EWC in the connected cabin.
Bluebox Wow
A portable wireless solution delivering a range of attractive IFE and cabin service capabilities, with no installation required; designed for those wanting service flexibility and as an easy route to wireless IFE evaluation.
Bluebox wiFE
A feature-rich wireless IFE system, delivering all the content types and capabilities of an installed wifi solution.

Bluebox offers proven experience and expertise in delivering the highest quality solutions with the best customer support and service in the industry.

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