Stepping Up Security Measures in Lead Generation


  • Recent updates to website increase security removing over 50% of spam, scam, and fraudulent leads

NBAA, Las Vegas | November 18, 2015– announced today the launch of a new security deployment. The new enhancement was developed to curtail fraudulent email submissions. has improved the security features to include the addition of Google’s state of the art reCAPTCHA technology. These new elements have resulted in over a 50% decrease in false lead generation for aircraft for sale listings on
Jeffrey Carrithers President and CEO explains “Our new security will not only curtail individuals from submitting erroneous submissions but more importantly disallow an automatic process known as “spiders or bots” from browsing our system and submitting thousands of inquiries. In the past 6 months we have noticed a very large uptick in scams/spam. Not only for but also from around the entire market place. This has become a big deal and we are determined to develop solutions to prevent this form of fraud”.

It comes at a price

With the eagerness for finding a solution launched and tried a variety of solutions. Unfortunately one of the solutions was not recognized until after the fact that the system completely shut down all inquires for two days. Customers and Brokers will also notice a slight decrease in the number of leads generated for aircraft listings, but will notice the quality is significantly higher.

Carrithers describes the new system, “We prefer to bring quality of leads versus quantity leads that lead to nowhere or worse. was the first aviation company that developed security measures to reduce the efforts of fraud by the release of an email verification system in 2011. Though the new security deployment will decrease the number of fraudulent email it comes at a price and will reduce the total number of inquiries sends. Our opinion is our clients want and deserve a qualified lead generation marketing tool that will allow them to confidently conduct business and sell inventory through our system. We don’t want to just send our customers dozens of leads where the majority of them are from a robot.
Security remains at the top of the list and moving forward just like the CIA and FBI will continually maintain watch and analysis of how to improve its products in an ever changing hazardous digital environment.

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