Lumexis iPAX and AIX IFEC Booths Not to be Missed!


First, we wanted to feature a Lumexis roll-out story about one coming big market change – ultra-low cost IFE for single-aisle aircraft. Rather than tell the story, here is the Press Release that does:


“Lumexis has taken another industry-leading step forward with the launch of its unprecedented new iPAX™ in-flight entertainment (IFE) product – a wireless-streaming in-seat system at the ultra-low price of $1,495 and weight of only 8.9 ounces per seat. And lets face it, delivering a wireless connectivity cloud solution to seatback IFE is a lot cheaper than running cable bundles of wires to each seat via routers and division multiplexers.

But, the really interesting story here is that Lumexis announced the price up front. We do not remember an IFE hardware provider ad that gave prices in our 22 years of publishing – so this is a first. Let’s read on “Some three-fourths of single-aisle aircraft fly on short-to-medium haul routes that could never before benefit from embedded IFEC,” said Lumexis CEO Doug Cline. “That paradigm is turned upside down with iPAX, truly the first cost-effective HD video tool for earning significant new ancillary revenue from offering a diversity of products and services.”

The question is: Why this product now? Obviously to Lumexis, product size, product weight, required power, Wi-Fi content distribution, price, and untapped market size are all pretty good answers. We asked Jon Norris, Lumexis VP Sales, about the Lumexis project and he told IFExpress: “Both the retrofit and linefit installation markets are firmly in our sights.”

Next, we wanted to see why this product is designed for the single-aisle market. Let’s look at market size first. Boeing’s Current Market Outlook gives a total single-aisle market size in 2013 of around 13,580 aircraft and that number is probably around 14,000 planes today for lack of a current market study. If we assume 86% of them either do not have IFE or have overhead IFE installed as Jon mentioned to IFExpress, that total market number is something like 12,040 single-aisle planes… not a bad single-aisle market solution!

And the future looks even better, First Quarter 2015 (adjusted), Boeing 110 Orders and 184 deliveries (of which, 121 were single-aisle). First Quarter 2015 results (adjusted), Airbus, 109 Orders, 134 Deliveries (of which, 126 were single-aisle).

Single-aisle deliveries for the first quarter 2014, Airbus 134 (approximately 44.6 per month), Boeing 121 single-aisle deliveries (approximately 40.3 per month)… for a grand total of 87 single-aisle planes delivered per month this year so far by both, and the rates are going up. Together Boeing and Airbus are going for a rough total of 100 single-aisle planes per month 2017. And it is, by the way, a record year for both plane-makers and if Lumexis has its’ way, it will be boom year for them too.

The press release went on to say: “The Lumexis team has established yet another benchmark in commercial aviation with this unique revenue-generating tool,” added Lou Sharkey, President and Chief Operating Officer. “Fully-installed, it costs less than a conventional overhead monitor system and weighs half as much, so the revenue it generates drops directly to the bottom line.”

We asked about the functionality of the system and Mr. Norris told IFExpress that iPAX is a wireless/seat-centric hybrid system blending local storage with wireless streaming to optimize available bandwidth and performance. The system even has built in capability to provide a passenger-to-crew ordering system. We also inquired about the wireless WAP efficiency and he told IFExpress that “between 40-50 passengers will be served by each WAP simultaneously which calls for approximately 3 to 4 per each single-aisle plane… obviously determined by the choice of WAP and type of content.” System price was another astounding feature of the iPAX seat display units and the inseat power (2.1A USB) is a Lumexis product that is available as an option. All in all, Lumexis has laid down a price gauntlet and we guess there will be a new trend at AIX – Low Cost IFE Solutions. Stay Tuned on this one.

Lastly, the news release said: “We invite you to visit Stand 4C50 during the Aircraft Interiors EXPO (14th-16th April 2015 at the Hamburg Messe) and allow us to demonstrate why Lumexis is The Future of IFE.

Aircraft Cabin Systems

Aircraft Cabin Systems is leading the IFE industry with AC and DC powered aircraft qualified HD LCD Monitors. We design, engineer, qualify and manufacture our HD LCD Monitors from the ground up to meet & exceed DO-160 testing requirements. ACS offers a wide range of sizes from 5.7” to our NEW 65” UHD (4K) LCD Monitor that meets Section 16 Current Harmonics/Variable Frequency Power testing requirements which supports the B787, A350 and A380 aircraft platforms. ACS is the first to offer our customers a true HD “Theater in the Sky” viewing experience displaying 1080p content interfacing with ALL the industry CMS/IFE system architectures.  ACS currently carries the most FAA PMA HD LCD Monitors in the industry; no other company comes close to our qualification/certification experience and customer support/responsiveness.

Contact: Ken Muse,, C: +1.425.785.7398

Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems (AES)
Hall 2, Stand B30

Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems (AES), the world leader of in-seat power and intelligently managed power systems, does it again and is introducing their latest generation EmPower® system product line – the 1191-4X!  This new in-seat power system (ISPS) is designed to meet the ever increasing power needs of passengers and provides up to three 110VAC and three high-power USB outlets, allowing passengers the ability to simultaneously use and charge their tablets, smart phones, iPods, or other USB devices while in use!  The significance of this new design is that all of these features have been incorporated into the same form factor, mounting envelope and weight of the previous generation EmPower® ISPS systems.  Stop by the Astronics booth, 2B30, at the Aircraft Interiors Expo for a live demonstration of this revolutionary product.

Also new at Astronics are the family of passenger electronic device-friendly aircraft tray tables, by SmartTray. These revolutionary products facilitate hands-free use of portable electronic devices (PEDs) and smart phones, solving the BYOD and second screen challenge!  These unique tray tables offer air travelers and airlines superior ergonomics, tray space management, and improved comfort and convenience over conventional tray tables.  These amazingly simple, practical, and cost effective solutions make using and stowing PEDs inflight convenient and easier.  All of this convenience and minutes to install!  Visit the Astronics booth, 2B30, at Aircraft Interiors Expo to see these innovative tray tables.

Contact: Dennis Markert,, C: +1.425.442.8195

Astronics Armstrong Aerospace
Hall 2, Stand B30

Astronics Armstrong Aerospace is an innovative aviation engineering, design and manufacturing company that upgrades aircraft with new technologies. Armstrong has successfully installed and certified passenger power systems, WiFi Internet, 802.11n wireless access points, mobile phones, satellite TV, and inflight video as well as navigation, communication and flight safety upgrades on commercial and business aviation aircraft.

Armstrong’s customers and strategic partners can expect a passionate approach to problem solving, design, and certification lending to reduced cost, faster time to market, and FAA and foreign certification approvals.

Contact: Shawn Raybell,, C: +1.425.344.8787

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies
Hall B2, Stand 2D30

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of high-performance wire and cable, including fiber optics. Since the company’s creation, we have grown our product portfolio to include specialty and filtered connectors, contacts, cable assemblies, complex harnesses, racks, trays and installation kits. In addition to our vast product breadth, we provide our customers a higher level of support by offering engineering and certification services with DER, DAR and DMIAR personnel on staff.

For 75 years, CarlisleIT has been delivering highly reliable products to the aerospace market. Originally founded as the Tensolite Company in 1940, CarlisleIT has grown dramatically and now encompasses many recognized brands beyond Tensolite, including LHi Technology, Thermax, Raydex, ECS and Tri-Star Electronics International.

Contact: Mindy Brandt,, C: +1.904.342.5887

Hall B2, 2c30

digEcor is an established and highly regarded IFE industry innovator. It was the first to introduce portable Audio Video On Demand inflight entertainment and today has grown to offer a suite of inflight products and solutions to meet passengers’ wide-ranging needs. digEcor’s Integrated Flight Experience is a low-cost, flexible solution that enhances the passengers’ experience across all areas of inflight service from entertainment to power and lighting through to crew and passenger connectivity. Founded in 2000, digEcor is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia and has additional offices in the United States of America, Singapore and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit

Contact: Sharelle Crease,, +(0) 417 000 548


IFPL is an award winning designer, innovator and manufacturer of passenger interface solutions to the global in-flight entertainment and connectivity industry (IFEC). We are unique in our ability to combine industry leading innovation with manufacturing excellence; through a comprehensive in-house capability that enables our clients to work closely with us in transforming ideas, from concept to prototype and then delivered as industrialized, certified and production ready solutions – within months, not years.

IFPL has been established for over 20 years with the largest portfolio of proven IFEC products and services in its sector.  We are rightly proud to supply the world’s leading inline manufacturers and airlines who have come to rely on us to provide inspiration to the enhancement of their passengers experience; delivered through our innovative product design and proven reputation for reliability.


Contact: David Thomas,, C: +44 (0) 785 474 7057

Lufthansa Systems

Lufthansa Systems is a leading airline IT provider. Based on long-term project experience, a deep understanding of complex business processes and strong technological know-how, the company provides consulting and IT services for the global aviation industry. Its portfolio covers innovative IT products and services which provide added value for its customers in terms of enhanced efficiency, reduced costs or increased profits.

Contact: Sebastian Stoll,


Lumexis invites you to the launch of the revolutionary new iPAX wireless seat-back IFE System. iPAX provides unprecedented IFE capability for single-aisle aircraft operators: 1) Ultra, ultra low cost 2) Ultra, ultra light weight 3) Optimized for LCCs seeking ancillary revenue 4) Focused on short and medium haul operations.

Contact: Jon Norris,, C: +1.949.436.1434


Panasonic Avionics

For more than 35 years, Panasonic Avionics Corporation has strengthened the connection between the world’s leading airlines and their passengers. In partnership with these airlines, Panasonic Avionics designs and implements breakthrough IFEC solutions that engage and delight passengers. The company’s solutions give airlines the power to amplify their brand, foster passenger loyalty, generate additional ancillary revenue, and reduce operating costs. Panasonic Avionics is recognized globally for its experience and leadership in innovation and system reliability. At AIX Hamburg Panasonic Avionics will feature the JAZZ seat, developed in a cooperative effort with BE Aerospace, Formation and Teague.

Contact: Matthias Walther


Rockwell Collins
Hall B4, 4C10

Experience Rockwell Collins’ next generation of in-flight entertainment and high-speed cabin connectivity at Aircraft Interiors Expo. With flexible, extensible IFE solutions—paired with the latest in Ka-band connectivity—we can help you deliver the flight experience your customer’s desire. Visit the company’s booth to see:

  • Rockwell Collins’ Cabin Connect suite of connectivity services, featuring Inmarsat’s GX Aviation for the most extensive coverage of airline routes and the fastest broadband in the skies, as well as applications for crew connectivity, real-time credit card authorization and wireless in-flight entertainment.
  • PAVES Wireless, bringing Wi-Fi accessible content aboard the flight
  • PAVES On-demand, delivering seat-centric IFE through an intuitive touchscreen HD seatback interface, as well as overhead broadcast
  • PAVES Broadcast, featuring a wider array of content options for passengers than previous systems
  • PAVES PSS is a lightweight, low-cost reading light and cabin crew call system with optional USB charging port. It is a direct replacement for existing systems that are less compatible with modern in-flight entertainment (IFE) system upgrades.

We’re onsite Tuesday, April 14, through Thursday, April 16, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We welcome the chance to schedule a time for a demonstration or to just talk about your needs and requirements. Email Colleen Hollowaty at to arrange a personal meeting and product demonstration. When requesting your meeting, please let Colleen know which products you would like to discuss.

Contact: Colleen Hollowaty,


Telefonix + Product Development Technologies (PDT), LLC
Hall B3, 3C38

Telefonix, Inc. is an AS9100 and ISO 14000-certified technology design and manufacturing company, and its partner, Product Development Technologies (PDT), is a global, full-service product design and development firm. Telefonix and PDT’s partnership is unique in that together the management teams have been at the forefront of the development of aerospace, mobile and connected technologies for a combined 45+ years.

The full extent of the Telefonix Summit line of state-of-the-art system components, which have been designed to enable unique and innovative in-flight connectivity and entertainment solutions, will be unveiled at AIX. The product line is comprised of state-of-the-art system components, including: Cabin ACe™ Wireless Access Point (WAP), Cabin Pinnacle™ general purpose airborne server, Cabin Peak™ pico cell, and Cabin Vista™ attendant display. These IFEC solution building blocks can be added to enhance existing in-flight entertainment systems or combined to create a unique IFEC solution, reducing time-to-market and overall cost for system developers, integrators and airline operator alike.

Contact: Allison Burke,, C: +1.847.830.1934


VT Miltope

Miltopes network product family has the required functionality necessary to create custom airborne systems similar to how business office networks are created. Our products optimize a combination of interfaces and computing resources to meet operational, spatial, and functional requirements of the simplest to most complex airborne systems at minimum cost. We will be featuring nMAP2 with CHT (cabin access point) and cTWLU (cellular ground link) as our latest wireless products available in 2015.

Contact: Markus Gilges,, C: +44 (0) 7783 758755


Zodiac Inflight Innovations
Hall B4, Stand 4C20

RAVE Centric is our Crystal Cabin award winning embedded IFE system, which provides state of the art entertainment features as well as being exceedingly reliable with its dockable displays and simplistic system architecture. RAVE Centric is fully certified for retrofit aircraft and is currently undergoing line-fit offerability including our first A330 line fit aircraft delivery this summer. RAVE Wireless is a streaming IFE solution that allows passengers to enjoy entertainment streamed directly to their personal devices through a web portal or an application available on both iOS and Android.

RAVE Cellular and RAVE Broadband help keep passengers connected in the sky. RAVE Cellular allows passengers to access Voice, SMS, and Data services. RAVE Broadband is our connectivity solution offering a range of coverage options to suit each airlines’ needs. RAVE Services is our full service support of our entire product line. Ensuring that our airlines and their passengers receive top quality entertainment without disruption. With more than 27 customers and 173 aircraft in service RAVE’s reach has truly expanded throughout the skies. RAVE is our definition of entertainment.

RAVE Products Infographic

Contact: Harry Gray,, C: +1.714.683.3793

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