Move Over SkyMall; SKY2BUY Is the New Mall in the Sky


Sun Valley, Idaho | March 30, 2015– After a difficult bankruptcy auction process, the purchase of SkyMall’s brand name was announced last Friday, March 27th for $1.9 million, despite the fact that the loss of deals and mounting debts to airlines is what drove SkyMall into bankruptcy.

Plans have not been publicly announced for how the new owners of SkyMall intend to get the kitschy catalog company airborne again, but one fact is clear: SkyMall no longer has a monopoly to sell in the skies.

Scott Jordan, CEO and Founder of multi-pocket travel clothing company SCOTTeVEST intends to fill the vacuum created by SkyMall’s loss of exclusive deals with the airlines by launching a new in-flight shopping experience: SKY2BUY. It will be in planes in test markets around the U.S. in June or July of this year.

Backed by Jordan, SKY2BUY is being developed as a special advertising section in airline magazines that are already onboard every flight.

The model is radically different from any seen before, since SKY2BUY is targeted specifically at travelers and rewards them with discounts. One is considered a SKY2BUY traveler when (s)he is in an airport, on an airplane or has arrived at his or her destination within the past 24 hours. The savings are made possible by selling direct to customers and working with airline magazines instead of creating standalone catalogs.

This unique, location-based model rewards travelers. The discounting concept is similar to a duty-free shop: a shopper can buy the same goods elsewhere, but only gets a special discount when traveling.

SKY2BUY will dial up the entertainment aspect that made SkyMall enjoyable by embracing creative content and making it more than just a catalog SKY2BUY’s emphasis is on creating a high-end travel magazine with relevant shopping opportunities for travelers.

“This summer, fly with SKY2BUY, your new mall in the sky,” said Jordan.

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