Historic Retrofit Contract for Teledyne Controls


  • New DFDAU contract for North America-based airline is largest in company’s history

El Segundo, CA | March 18, 2015–
An entire fleet of Boeing 737-NG aircraft belonging to a North American airline is to be retrofitted with a sophisticated Digital Flight Data Acquisition Unit (DFDAU) from Teledyne Controls to significantly enhance the ACMS (Aircraft Condition Monitoring System) capability on each of its aircraft.

The contract – the largest of its kind in Teledyne Controls’ history – will see new DFDAU technology installed on more than 400 aircraft over the next 18 months to add to the 85 Teledyne DFDAU-equipped aircraft already operated by the airline.

The technology, which is considerably more powerful and capable than the technology it is replacing, will enable the airline not only to have an advanced ACMS capability but also to take advantage of Boeing’s proprietary Airplane Health Management (AHM) program.

Masood Hassan, President of Teledyne Controls, said that the combined monitoring and health management programs will lead to significantly advanced trouble shooting and data management capabilities. “It will allow our client to convert ‘data’ into meaningful, real-time information to further improve operational effectiveness and support enhanced flight safety,” he said.

Teledyne Controls’ Digital Flight Data Acquisition Unit (DFDAU) is an integrated system that combines the functions of Mandatory Data Acquisition and Recording with a sophisticated Aircraft Condition Monitoring System (ACMS). This comprehensive system provides aircraft operators with a standardized hardware and software solution for high-power data acquisition, management and recording.

The DFDAU’s ACMS software is extensively flexible, allowing users to define the parameters and reports they need for flight data monitoring, maintenance, and operational efficiency, without the artificial constraints typically imposed by other software systems.

Scott Chambers, Director of Sales & Service, North America Airlines, confirmed that this is the largest retrofit contract in the history of Teledyne’s aircraft data and information management business. “Teledyne’s experience and innovation continues to be recognized by the world’s leading airlines as delivering a proven competitive advantage,” he said.

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