OnAir: Middle East Business Jet Operators Winning the Connectivity Race


MEBA, Dubai | December 7, 2014– The Middle East business aviation market is the most sophisticated user of inflight connectivity, according to OnAir, the world’s leading provider of inflight mobile phone and Wi-Fi services.

VIP and corporate jets use inflight connectivity for both the cockpit and the cabin. In the cockpit, connectivity is used to enhance the efficiency of the flight. In the cabin, it is used to replicate the office, ensuring travel time is used well. Aircraft owners and passengers can continue working as if they were in their office, with access to the corporate network.

With Mobile OnAir service increasingly provided on business jets, passengers benefit from real freedom to communicate whenever they wish.

“The business jet market typically leads the way with any technology innovation and connectivity is no exception,” said Stephan Egli, Chief Commercial Officer, OnAir. “One of the key differentiators of Mobile OnAir is that it gives any passenger the ability to use their mobile phone exactly as they do on the ground. That includes the same simplicity and privacy, without anyone needing to know where you are, which can be extremely important. Confidentiality is preserved.”

OnAir has over 60 customers around the world, including government and VIP aircraft, as well as commercial airlines across the Middle East and the rest of the world. OnAir provides them all with consistent global coverage, whether they are flying over land or water, on every route.

OnAir’s products, including both mobile phone and Wi-Fi services, are available on all aircraft types, from the Airbus A380 to the more typical VIP aircraft types. For example, OnAir is available as line fit on Airbus Corporate Jets, as well as Dassault’s flagship, the Falcon 7X. It is also available as retro fit on all converted airliners, and OnAir has well-established partnerships with the best completion centres around the world.

As an Inmarsat Distribution Partner for both SwiftBroadband and GX Aviation services, OnAir is perfectly placed to meet VIP operators’ needs for today and tomorrow.

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