Innovative Advantage Delivers 1,400th AVDS Node to Gulfstream


  • Nodes provide network for digital audio and video distribution in cabin

Redmond, WA | September 28, 2014– Innovative Advantage delivers 1400th Audio Video Distribution System (AVDS) node to Gulfstream. Connected by fiber optic cables – the nodes create a high performance AV backbone for the aircraft. AVDS is standard on Gulfstream G650 and G280 aircraft and optional for the G550 and G450 and the G150.

The AVDS network is fault tolerant, which means critical functionality isn’t impacted by a single point of failure. Innovative Advantage also provides a software tool for Gulfstream to quickly configure the AVDS network and make changes quickly and easily.

“We worked very closely with Gulfstream in the development to deliver the high performance AV network that Gulfstream required for their aircraft,” said Richard Morris, President, Innovative Advantage. “Not only does Gulfstream get the best HD delivery system, they get digital audio and Gigabit Ethernet distributed around the aircraft on fiber. AVDS nodes are small to allow installation flexibility, the fiber optic cabling is light-weight and the in-service reliability has been great.”

AVDS provides High Definition (HD) switching on new aircraft as well as transforming existing cabin management systems (CMS) from Standard Definition to HD. AVDS has found a home on aircraft of all sizes – from the Gulfstream G150 up to the Boeing 747.

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