Virgin Atlantic Airways Select FlightPath3D Moving Map Service


  • Virgin Atlantic continues to enrich their passenger experience with the selection of Betria Interactive’s new FlightPath3D Moving Map & City Destination Guide service

Irvine, CA | September 16, 2014– Virgin Atlantic has recently completed an agreement to launch FlightPath3D from Betria Interactive as their next generation Moving Map & ‘geotainment’ service. The new service offering includes the latest version of the FlightPath3D product suite and will enter into service later this year.

“FlightPath3D is a marked departure from the status quo of moving map products,” noted Catherine Stewart, Onboard Media Development Manager at Virgin Atlantic. “Beyond its incredibly captivating 3D experience, the service is infused with interesting and detailed Point-of-Interest content that can engage the passenger in a rich and informative interactive experience.”

The FlightPath3D integrated in-flight moving map service, for airline passengers to enjoy in-flight, includes a flight preview “auto-play” script broadcast during aircraft boarding as well as an in-seat interactive 3D map application with detailed satellite imagery and integrated street maps. The service boasts an incredible 25,000 named locations from across the world in up to 12 languages. The City Destination Guide includes an initial 36 destination cities with expansion plans for many more all with detailed street-level city maps and rich, multi-media Point-of-Interest data.

“Virgin Atlantic only selects the most premium of offerings to ensure a world class passenger experience,” explained Boris Veksler, President of Betria Interactive. “We believe the FlightPath3D product suite delivers on that commitment; not only today, but will deliver current, relevant and engaging audience experiences well into the future.”

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