JetBlue Celebrates 1 Millionth Device Connected to Fly-Fi By Giving Away 1 Million TrueBlue Points


  • First one millionth personal electronic device (PED) worldwide to connect via Ka-band satellite broadband in the air
  • JetBlue’s Fly-Fi usage significantly higher than on any other U.S. airline

New York | September 23, 2014– JetBlue Airways (NASDAQ: JBLU) today celebrated its one millionth customer connect to its high-speed Fly-Fi system, also making JetBlue the first airline worldwide to connect one million personal electronic devices (PEDs) to true broadband Ka-based Wi-Fi service. To celebrate, the 140 customers onboard “CONNECTED TO 01000010 01001100 01010101 01000101”, JetBlue’s Fly-Fi livery aircraft, were rewarded with a total one million TrueBlue points on its first flight today from New York’s JFK International Airport to San Diego International Airport.

“JetBlue’s Fly-Fi is far superior to other U.S. airlines’ in-air Wi-Fi offerings. The number of customers using Fly-Fi also greatly exceeds the rate of other airlines’ customers, who are forced to pay exorbitant prices for a slower connection, whereas Fly-Fi is available for free. On JetBlue we see 40% of customers logged on, while other airlines get single-digits only,” said Marty St George, Senior Vice President, Commercial.

JetBlue launched Fly-Fi, the fastest Wi-Fi among all U.S. airlines, last December. Fly-Fi offers broadband speed via Ka-band satellite using satellite-to-aircraft connectivity rather than the ground-to-aircraft connectivity, or Ku-band, the many other U.S. carriers offer. Fly-Fi is currently available on 70 aircraft, with an additional 10-12 aircraft being Fly-Fi enabled each month. The entire JetBlue fleet will be Fly-Fi installed by the end of 2015. JetBlue is now the only airline in the world to offer free live television at every seat and free high-speed Wi-Fi. JetBlue was also the first U.S. airline to offer gate-to-gate use of personal electronic devices (PEDs), as of November 2013.

During fourth quarter 2015, JetBlue will launch a new Fly-Fi Portal, which will serve as a content hub where customers can access a wide range of movies, television shows and additional content from their own personal devices.

Thales LiveTV provides JetBlue’s industry leading Fly-Fi connectivity system including the customizable portal and support services to deliver the At Home in the Air™ experience. “Thales LiveTV is proud to provide JetBlue’s Fly-Fi connectivity experience for all customers simultaneously. We have seen more than 148 connected passengers on a flight which proves excellent capability and demand for JetBlue’s latest, most advanced onboard service,” said Glenn Latta, President of Thales LiveTV.

JetBlue and Thales partner with satellite provider ViaSat, the broadband provider for Fly-Fi. “JetBlue is unlocking the true value of our Exede in the Air with a market approach that enables all passengers to access true broadband Wi-Fi in the sky,” said Don Buchman, VP Exede Mobility. “This milestone of hitting one million users so quickly is a testament to what is possible when you can deliver a high-capacity throughput service that passengers really want to use.”

• Fly-Fi is currently available on 70 JetBlue aircraft
• 10-12 aircraft a month are being equipped with Fly-Fi
• Fly-Fi will be available on JetBlue’s entire fleet, which will total 210 aircraft by end of 2015
• One millionth Fly-Fi logon 10 months after launch
• Speeds of 12 Mbps – 20 Mbps per customer
• Average user spends 40% of their Fly-Fi session streaming music or video
• 66 terabytes of data have been downloaded

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