Thales Introduces New Payment Solution On Its IFE Offering


Hamburg, Germany | April 11, 2014– Ancillary Revenue represents a $46bn industry for the global commercial air transport sector. At present these revenues are experiencing a 30% year on year growth. Thales expects that the on-board portion of this revenue, which today accounts for 15% of the total, will become an ever more crucial driver for airline profits.

The IFE leader is therefore announcing the delivery of its onboard payment application that brings self-service to the air by enabling passengers to purchase items directly through the TopSeries AVANT system. The system platform is now compliant with the PCI Data Security Standards (DSS) and will fly onboard a major carrier in Q2 2014.

By bundling many different payment methodologies into a single package, Thales aims at enhancing the passenger experience whilst at the same time enabling airlines to further their ancillary revenue generation streams.

The application, developed by GuestLogix, allows for greater flexibility and ease of access to payment options for passengers, all linked to the easy to use credit card reader equipped on AVANT. This functionality opens the doors to a vast array of pay-for services including shopping for destination items such as ground transportation, tourist attraction packages and selected store catalogue shopping, as well as on-board shopping from duty free to in-flight entertainment access or inflight catering for airlines that do not offer these as a complementary service.

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