MI Airline and Foodcase Introduce New Inflight Restaurnt Catering Model


  • Dining in the sky, even for economy class, that is the aim of Foodcase. MI Airline has extended its ‘Connected Crew’ and ‘AirFi’ products to make this happen

Amsterdam, The Netherlands | April 4, 2014– Foodcase and MI Airline, both airline-related industry companies based in The Netherlands, jointly announce the introduction of a new inflight restaurant catering model. This product provides information to passengers on meal options, ingredients and nutrition, while allowing communication of a desired meal from their seat on a personal device. In addition, it communicates passenger questions or shortage information to the cabin crew, and it will activate oven-positions in meal preparation, which assists the crew in delivering the passenger’s preferred meal.

Wilbert de Louw, CEO of Foodcase, says, “Together with our strong partners, we have succeeded in launching an innovative assortment of fine food flavors. The new solution enables our customers to create more freedom of choice for passengers, enhancing crew efficiency, while at the same time reducing waste and logistic cost. We just LOVE food and food should not go to waste.”

Both companies have released a video demonstrating the features and benefits of this new and innovative concept. As an example, passengers will be able to order a preferred starter, main course and dessert using their own device, or order directly with the cabin crew, as if they are dining in their favorite restaurant.

Job Heimerikx, CEO of MI Airline, says, “The cooperation with Foodcase is yet another example of how MI’s technology can be used to innovate inside the cabin. We strongly support passenger centricity. Enabling passengers to compose their own meal, while at the same time improving crew efficiency with the latest tablet technology. Enhanced inflight processes utilizing our technology, following our popular ‘Connected Crew’ and last month the introduction of ‘AirFi’, our portable onboard Wi-Fi.”

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