Japan Airlines Selects Panasonic Avionics Connectivity Service For Widebody Aircraft


Lake Forest, CA | March 26, 2014– Japan Airlines (JAL) has selected Panasonic Avionics (Panasonic) for a major expansion of in-flight Wi-Fi for its international fleet which includes Boeing 787s, Boeing 777-200ERs and Boeing 767-300ERs.

The commitment comes after a successful introduction of Panasonic’s broadband Wi-Fi service on 13 of Japan Airlines’ 777s that have been flying international routes since July 2012.

The carrier has become one of the first airlines to offer internet access, email services, and more on flights between Japan and Europe and across the Pacific to North America.

Jun Kato, Executive Officer of Marketing & Branding for Japan Airlines said, “With worldwide coverage, unmatched regulatory approvals, and plans to deploy the world’s highest bandwidth global network, it was an easy decision to choose Panasonic for our widebody aircraft.  Our passengers love this high speed service, and we look forward to offering it on all of our international routes.”

Paul Margis, Chief Executive Officer for Panasonic Avionics, said, “We are honored that Japan Airlines has selected Panasonic to provide broadband connectivity services across their international fleet.  Our unique offering of global satellite coverage and capacity coupled with the necessary regulatory approvals and real-time 24/7 monitoring with our Mission Control Center, is making the difference for our customers.”

Panasonic’s in-flight connectivity service helps create a connected experience in air that is similar to what travelers experience each day on the ground. It provides two-way broadband communications to an aircraft and supports internet access, email, social network access and other crew and passenger applications.  It also offers airlines the ability to streamline their operations by enabling electronic flight bag, real-time weather updates, live engine monitoring and other services.

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