OnAir Named Best Connectivity Provider


Aircraft Interiors Middle East, Dubai | February 6, 2014– OnAir has been named Best Connectivity Provider at the inaugural Inflight IFEC Awards, announced yesterday at Aircraft Interiors Middle East show.

OnAir stood out for a number of reasons. The first is that it has the most airline customers in the Middle East. In particular, Oman Air made aviation history when it became the first airline to offer the combined Wi-Fi and GSM service over four years ago.

The judges were also very impressed with the consistency of OnAir’s coverage. With over 350 roaming agreements, and authorizations from over 100 countries, OnAir has better coverage, both in the Middle East and indeed the world, than any other provider.

“What particularly impressed the judges about OnAir was a combination of its widespread coverage in the Middle East and its significant landmarks,” said Becky Howells, Commercial and Event Director of HMG Aerospace, the publisher of Inflight. “And being the first to equip the A380 with GSM – on Emirates’ fleet – shows that OnAir is constantly developing the market. With eight airline customers in the region, OnAir is clearly the front runner at this time.”

“OnAir has been at the forefront of the inflight connectivity sector since it began. In fact, we were one of the pioneers developing the initial concepts,” said Ian Dawkins, CEO of OnAir. “This is the first time there has been a specific connectivity award and I am thrilled OnAir has been recognised as the best provider. It is a real accolade to everyone at OnAir, our partners and of course to our airline customers.”

Twenty airlines around the world currently provide Internet OnAirMobile OnAir or the combined offer, including eight in the Middle East. A further seven airlines will offer OnAir connectivity by the end of the year.

Using OnAir connectivity, passengers have the choice to text, tweet, email, surf the Internet and talk during the flight. Mobile OnAir operates in exactly the same way as international roaming: simply turn on your phone and start using it. And Internet OnAir is a Wi-Fi hotspot, just like any other.

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