SWISS Opts For Latest Revenue Integrity Solution From Lufthansa Systems


  • Third generation of highly automated solution boosts revenues through optimized booking control

Kelsterbach, Germany | November 6, 2013– Lufthansa Systems today announced that it has implemented the latest generation of its Revenue Integrity solution for Swiss International Air Lines. This will enable the airline to significantly reduce the number of blind bookings that result in lost sales.

The Revenue Integrity solution from Lufthansa Systems helps airlines eliminate unproductive bookings from their inventory, generate more accurate forecasts of their actual booking situation and make sure their aircraft are filled to capacity. This puts airlines in a position to further optimize their revenues. The Revenue Integrity Ticket Time Limit Controller checks all bookings and demands that agents issue tickets for them within a specified time frame. The latest generation of the product allows airlines to define rules for this process with the greatest possible precision and flexibility.

“With this new Revenue Integrity solution, we have opted for a tool which replaces our previous ticket controlling system and further reduces unproductive bookings. It ensures clean inventory information throughout the booking process, which optimizes our revenues,” said Bernd Bauer, Head of Revenue Management, Pricing & Distribution at SWISS.

The Revenue Integrity solution can be integrated with any reservation system and can process inventory data both in real time and in batches. This means that up to 200,000 booking updates can be checked for SWISS every day.

“Revenue Integrity has substantial positive effects on an airline’s economic performance,” explained Peter Ahnert, Senior Vice President Lufthansa Group Airline Solutions. “Thanks to its modern architecture, the solution can be flexibly and quickly adapted to specific customer requests, and highly standardized individual components keep development cycles short.” We are delighted that SWISS has opted for the new product generation,” said Ahnert.

By cleaning up their reservation data, airlines can release seats for re-sale and save the GDS costs incurred for unproductive bookings. For many airlines, this solution pays for itself within its first year of use.

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) is the national carrier of Switzerland and a member of the Lufthansa Group. With a fleet of 91 aircraft, it operates flights from Zurich, Basel and Geneva to 76 destination sin 40 countries worldwide.

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