EL AL Selects Lufthansa Systems BoardConnect For Infotainment


  • Award-winning wireless solution sets new standard in in-flight entertainment

Kelsterbach, Germany | October 23, 2013–EL AL Israel Airlines has selected the wireless in-flight entertainment system BoardConnect to offer its passengers a rich choice of entertainment and information on its flights. The award winning solution will be installed on 10 Boeing 737 and 2 Boeing 767. BoardConnect sets a new standard in in-flight entertainment. Using their laptops, tablet PCs or smartphones EL AL passengers will be able to access on-demand audio and video and other content.

“BoardConnect represents a very essential asset to our overall product enhancement strategy. With BoardConnect we will be able to offer our passengers a significantly advanced travel experience”, said Elyezer Shkedy, CEO of EL AL. “EL AL is one of the first airlines worldwide and the first airline that provides this service from Israel to Europe and vice versa, which offer sophisticated in-flight infotainment not only on wide-body aircraft, but on 737-class aircraft as well. This gives us a significant competitive advantage.”

“We are proud that EL AL as one of the leading Middle East carriers has selected BoardConnect”, said Stefan Hansen, CEO of Lufthansa Systems. “This award-winning solution is a great example of successful innovation by Lufthansa Systems. It is a revolution in IFE, which not only takes in-flight entertainment to a new level but opens up entirely new ways how airlines communicate and interact with their passengers on-board.”

Lufthansa Systems BoardConnect sets a new standard in many respects. Unlike conventional in-flight entertainment systems for commercial aircraft, BoardConnect does not require any complicated wiring for each seat. Instead, it works with a regular WLAN and depending on aircraft size needs only two to five access points in the cabin to stream a broad variety of content to every passenger’s device. The solution is user-friendly and impressively versatile. It can be used with iOS, Android, Windows 8 as well as conventional Windows or Apple devices.

BoardConnect is more flexible than conventional in-seat IFE systems for commercial aircraft. The installation doesn’t need an extensive downtime like a major overhaul or a cabin refurbishment. This saves costs and allows for a fast rollout of the product. Less complexity and of-the-shelve components lead to high reliability and lower maintenance cost for BoardConnect. Additionally it is not only a high performance solution but also lightweight, if compared with embedded in-seat IFE. This means for a Boeing 737 an airline will save about 50 tons of fuel per aircraft per year.

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