SAS Relies On Navigation Charts From Lufthansa Systems


  • Carrier joins growing circle of customers using Lufthansa Systems navigation charts in Europe

Kelsterbach, Germany | October 18, 2013– Scandinavian airline SAS has opted for Lufthansa Systems’ navigation charts Lido/RouteManual and Lido/Enroute. In addition to paper charts the airline will also be using the app Lido/iRouteManual.SAS will thus benefit from the charts’ clear structure and easy legibility. Lido/RouteManual provides cockpit crews with the latest set of aeronautical data and information, making their work considerably easier especially during key flight phases such as take-off and landing. The recently-signed five-year contract furthermore includes the Lido/FMS flight management system.

The Lufthansa Systems navigation charts are generated directly from the company’s Lido navigation database. The chart solution Lido/RouteManual and its complements Lido/iRouteManual for iPads and Lido/Enroute include airport taxiway charts, approach and take-off charts, and a seamless worldwide route chart. They display true-to-scale geographic information such as terrain features and rivers.The navigation charts’ clear color-coding and self-explanatory symbols support visual thinking.

“Thanks to the navigation charts from Lufthansa Systems, we can continue a our paperless process in SAS which helps us to save both fuel and resources.” said Per Schrøder, VP Vice President &Flight Operations, Scandinavian Airlines. “The possibility to use the Lido/iRouteManual for iPads also contributed to SAS’ choice for Lufthansa Systems. These apps could offer pilots an opportunity to access professional navigation charts for instrument flights (IFR charts) on iPad.”

Furthermore, Lido/Enroute enables SAS to provide its pilots with a worldwide, fully dynamic and interactive enroute chart for all its flights on Apple’s iPad. The charts are supplemented with a DocView Management System, which offers management and reporting functions for determining download statistics.

The Lido/FMS (Flight Management System) database contains all important route information including altitude and airport data to enable the use of optimized routes on board modern aircraft to ensure most efficient engine power levels, ultimately resulting in fuel savings. The data can be tailored individually to the respective aircraft model and route.

“We are delighted to count SAS among the customers of our cockpit solutions. More than 50% of all commercial flights within Europe are now operated with flight deck solutions from Lufthansa Systems. Our navigation charts give the airline’s pilots access to all important information on all required routes and airports in a clear and easily legible layout.” said Marco Cesa, Senior Vice President Regional Management EMEA at Lufthansa Systems. The identical layout of the charts on either media – paper and iPad – combined with intuitive user interfaces yields highest flexibility in the introduction of electronic media in the cockpit.

SAS consists of three Scandinavian airlines from Denmark; Norway and Sweden. The airline has its base in Stockholm and is one of the leading airlines in Europe. From its hubs in Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm the airline serves destinations in the whole world with a fleet of 136 aircraft.


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