VIM Airlines Opts For Navigation Charst From Lufthansa Systems


Kelsterbach, Germany | September 26, 2013– Lufthansa Systems today announced that VIM Airlines has opted for several aeronautical solutions of the IT provider’s portfolio. The Russian airline recently signed a five-year contract for the Lido/RouteManual and Lido/iRouteManual cockpit solutions as well as the interactive Lido/Enroute app. The comprehensive IT package will enable VIM Airlines to benefit from efficient route planning, safe flight operations as well as cost reductions and fuel savings. In addition, the solutions’ electronic versions pave the way for a paperless cockpit for VIM Airlines.

Lido/RouteManual provide the airline with navigation charts for take-off and landing procedures as well as airport and route charts.Generated directly from the Lido navigation database, the charts contain all important route information including altitude and airport data. The charts show true-to-scale topographical information such as the height of mountains and course of rivers, and are oriented to magnetic north. The iPad app Lido/iRouteManual offers pilots an opportunity to access professional navigation charts for instrument flights (IFR charts) on their iPad. Updated charts will be provided for download every week so that the latest versions are always available for pilot briefings.

Furthermore, Lido/Enroute enables VIM Airlines to provide its pilots with a worldwide, fully dynamic and interactive enroute chart for all its flights on Apple’s iPad.

VIM Airlines is a Russian charter airline and based in Moscow, Russia. With a fleet if 10 aircraft it mainly serves charter flights to holiday destinations in Europe.

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