Thales Partners With Survey Analytics On Robust On-Line Tool Designed To Bring Airlines And Passenger Preferences Together


APEX 2013, Anaheim, CA | September 10, 2013– Thales, leader in In-flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC), is pleased to announce its partnership with Seattle based Survey Analytics LLC, a domain expert in survey technology and
reporting. Together, the organizations will launch a new passenger survey application
and reporting tool planned for release by end of the year. The solution is a powerful research platform for airlines to be able to grow their bottom line through real, in-depth knowledge about passenger behavior and preferences. Convenient for the airline, the application requires minimal lead time to create a survey and to obtain reports of analyzed results

Already proven in a ground based environment, the solution is now available for Thales’s
TopSeries AVANT® Android™ platform. The application supports 22 languages and facilitates an airline’s ability to follow up with passengers post-flight. Thales has secured an undisclosed major airline launch customer

“This partnership enables Thales to provide best-in-class survey and reporting capabilities to our customers that assists them with driving revenue through in-depth knowledge of the expectations of passengers. Survey Analytics is known in the transportation industry and by bringing their product to the cabin opens up new opportunities to our airline customers” said Dominique Giannoni, CEO of Thales’s In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC).

Creating and managing surveys is intuitive and easily facilitates what would typically be regarded as traditionally complex processes in a legacy system environment. The application enables airlines to expand the set of available question types, including graphical ratings and calculating constant sums and complex matrix configurations. Using robust logic and branching features, surveys can be set up in a way that guides the passenger through the survey based on multiple previous answers. The offering includes sophisticated reporting tools that go far beyond basic tabular reporting with capabilities such as cross-tabulation, banner and pivot tables, TURF analysis and data segmentation and trending.

“Our partnership with Thales allows airlines to bring our enterprise grade feedback system to the skies. Airlines now have the ability to actively listen to their passengers in real-time and proactively act on customer feedback. In simple terms, this onboard application makes engagement with customers easy” said Vivek Bhaskaran, CEO of Survey Analytics.

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