A Maiden Flight For Disney’s Planes On Bluebox Ai – The iPad In The Sky


London, UK | September 16, 2013– In the world’s first film premiere to be held inflight, Disney’s long-awaited new animation feature Planes makes its official Australian debut in the unusual but highly appropriate venue of a serving commercial aircraft.

Australia’s leading international carrier has partnered with Disney to host the regional premiere, reported to be the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

For both airline and studio, maintaining the pristine digital quality of the entirely computer-generated movie (a successor to Disney-Pixar’s box-office smash series Cars) was critical, even within the confines of an aircraft cabin. The perfect platform to select was the Apple iPad and its advanced “Retina display” screen. For this they turned to the worldwide market leader in inflight entertainment solutions for iPad and iPad mini, Bluebox Avionics.

Bluebox provided an iPad for every seat of the Boeing 767, each loaded with the secure Bluebox Ai app that allows airline clients to offer their passengers the latest “Early Window” Hollywood movies on lightweight devices in the skies.

“Planes was a unique and very enjoyable challenge”, says Stuart McGeachin, Creative Director of DMD Phantom, who managed content presentation issues on the project. “DMD Phantom is a joint owner of Bluebox Avionics, and our contribution included ensuring the onscreen presentation did justice to such an artistically accomplished film.”

His team purpose created a bespoke co-branded “look & feel” for the unique Content Carousel user interface employed on Bluebox Ai. “The big difference being”, he notes, “that rather than presenting upwards of 70 or 80 movie, games and CD titles as we usually do, we were working with just the one!”

For Bluebox Joint MD John Howe “Project Planes” offered another kind of perfect platform: to demonstrate to airlines just how responsive and light-on-its-feet the commercial proposition can be. “From concept to completion”, he notes, “we were able to achieve delivery in just a few short weeks, providing the hardware and the secure Bluebox platform which Disney endorsed for use on this special pre-cinema release of the movie.”

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