Jeppesent To Optimize Crew Pairing For JetBlue Airways


  • New service agreement provides Jeppesen Crew Pairing solution to increase crew management efficiency for JetBlue

Englewood, CO.| August 26, 2013/PRNewswire/– Jeppesen, a part of Boeing Digital Aviation, and JetBlue Airways, a leading New York-based commercial carrier, recently agreed to a new five-year service contract. Through the agreement, Jeppesen will provide its Crew Pairing solution to optimize JetBlue’s monthly crew pairings for all pilot and in-flight crewmembers.

Jeppesen’s industry-leading crew pairing capabilities will be used to increase operational efficiency and enhance quality of life for crewmembers, while reducing overall costs related to crew planning for JetBlue’s 850 daily flights. JetBlue will operate the Jeppesen Crew Pairing product in-house, customized for JetBlue needs, using Jeppesen’s industry-leading pairing optimizer to enhance the airline’s crew planning capabilities.

“Providing cost savings and increased overall efficiency through optimized crew pairings will provide JetBlue with an operational advantage in a competitive business environment,” said Tim Huegel, director, Jeppesen Aviation Portfolio Management. “We will support JetBlue in managing crew planning through this agreement and are pleased to team with such a dynamic airline that continues to expand its operations.”

Using Jeppesen Crew Pairing, JetBlue will be able to optimize a full monthly crew schedule, instead of a typical daily or weekly outlook. Overall, the solution offers powerful decision support, enabling effective control of costs and other objectives, while its flexibility and modeling capabilities makes it easy to adapt to changes.

“Through integration of Jeppesen Crew Pairing capabilities, we will be using a premier pairing optimizer, which allows us to respond quickly to constantly evolving airline operational factors,” said Tony LaCognata, director crew services, JetBlue Airways. “With an initial integration of planning operations managed through their offsite service bureau, Jeppesen has helped us improve operational efficiency while we implement their crew pairing product for our in-house operations.”

In addition to its Crew Pairing solution, Jeppesen also offers a complete suite of airline-based crew and fleet management services, including Jeppesen Crew Rostering, Crew Tracking, Manpower Planning, Tail Assignment and fatigue risk management tools.

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