RAVE’s Global Reach Expands with Transaero


Brea, CA | July 5, 2013– Zodiac Inflight Innovations (previously The IMS Company) continues to expand its global reach, adding Transaero Airlines to the growing list of airlines that trust RAVETM for an innovative and reliable IFE experience. Transaero has always valued modern innovation and quality products and RAVE’sTM dependable system and fresh approach is just the right fit. Transaero will have the RAVETM system installed on nine of their B777-200 and B767-300 aircraft. Transaero has the largest long-haul fleet in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe. With Transaero’s Russian and Eastern European network of destinations RAVETM has indeed become a “global” sensation.

Numerous airlines have turned RAVETM for their IFE needs because of its trusted reliability and passenger-centric technology. Each seat is fully autonomous and removable display units are easy for crew members to replace at any time during a flight, eliminating the days of long system resets and frustrated passengers. “We are excited about RAVE’sTM continued success and are driven by the challenge to produce the best IFE system on the market” says Larry Girard, Executive Vice President of Zodiac Inflight Innovations. The RAVETM vision has always been to look at IFE differently. This out- of-the-box thinking has produced a very reliable IFE system which takes up minimal space, is low cost, and is easy to maintain. Managing five aircraft installations per month, Zodiac Inflight Innovations is ensuring that the ‘RAVE’OLUTION quickly spreads throughout the skies.

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