Lufthansa Systems To Showcase BoardConnect at IFEC


— Award-winning wireless solution sets new trend in in-flight entertainment

Kelsterbach, Germany | July 8, 2013– At the 6th China Inflight Entertainment & Communications Summit 2013 in Shanghai Lufthansa Systems is presenting its award-winning wireless in-flight entertainment system BoardConnect. Unlike conventional in-flight entertainment systems for commercial aircraft, BoardConnect does not require any complicated wiring for each seat. Instead, it works with a regular WLAN based on the established WiFi standard and needs only a few access points in the cabin to deliver a broad variety of content to every passenger. The innovative IFE solution has attracted interest from airlines all over the world including several Chinese carriers. “China is a very promising market for us, not only because of the strong growth, but because airlines and their customers are very receptive for innovative technologies”, said Olivier Krueger, SVP Regional Management Asia/Pacific at Lufthansa Systems.

BoardConnect sets a new standard in in-flight entertainment. Using their laptops, tablets PC or smartphones passengers are able to access on-demand audio and video as well as information about their destination. Using the eReader functionality of BoardConnect passengers can read electronic magazines in many languages including Chinese while airlines will be able to reduce the number and weight of magazines and newspapers they carry onboard. BoardConnect is impressively versatile. It can be used with iOS, Android and conventional Windows devices including Windows 8 operating system.

“BoardConnect is the great example of successful innovation. It was developed with a strong focus on ease of use and operations, maximum flexibility and low lifecycle cost”, said Norbert Mueller, Senior Vice President BoardConnect at Lufthansa Systems. “In all these aspects it is superior to conventional IFE systems.” The installation doesn’t need an extensive downtime like a major overhaul or a cabin refurbishment. Instead it can be done during regular maintenance checks. This saves costs and allows for a fast rollout of the product.

Additionally, the trend-setting solution is less complex and uses of-the-shelve components. This means high reliability and lower maintenance cost. Since BoardConnect is lighter than conventional IFE systems, airlines can also achieve considerable fuel savings with it.

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