ILFC Becomes RAVE’s Newest Customer


Brea, CA | July 5, 2013– Zodiac Inflight Innovations (previously The IMS Company) is proud to announce that its RAVETM system will be soaring new skies this spring. International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC) will have the RAVETM system installed on four A330’s with the first installation occurring this summer.

ILFC will be a great addition to the RAVETM family and its airline partners will experience firsthand the benefits of this unique IFE system. RAVE’sTM groundbreaking “dockability”, reliability, and passenger centric technology has made it a powerful contender in the IFE industry. The lightweight design and low power requirements greatly reduces its customers’ fuel costs allowing RAVETM to maintain a price tag that all airlines can celebrate. In addition, ILFC will benefit from the exceedingly impressive turnaround time of six months for an entire reconfiguration of the IFE system. The standardization of RAVE’sTM technology makes this feat possible with airlines sharing the same GUI interface and hardware while still achieving a sense of personalization unique to each customer.

“ILFC views the RAVETM system as a real advancement in the always developing and increasingly important area of aircraft in-flight entertainment,” commented ILFC Senior Vice President Terry Eastley. “With a global portfolio in excess of 1,000 aircraft, we value innovation which provides advancements that benefits our airline customers and their passenger experience.”

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