Aerospace Technologies Group Inc. Announces The Introduction Of The Tranquility Shade System


– Tranquility: ATG’s new electronic dimmable window 9EDW) cabin window shade system, featuring InspecTech’s SPD and APD technologies – offers the optimum EDW solution for control of natural light, glare, heat and noise in aircraft cabins

Boca Raton, FL | June 17, 2013– Aerospace Technologies Group Inc. has launched the Tranquility Shade System – a standalone EDW. Capable of blocking up to 99.96 percent of incoming light, Tranquility offers the latest InspecTech SPD and optional APD technologies: faster switching speeds; the selection of an infinite number of light-transmission states; and superior light-blocking ability over existing electrochromic (EC) devices with the added bonus of virtually no maintenance required due to an ultra low parts count.

Aesthetically pleasing, Tranquility’s clean design and customizable options offer the ability to create the perfect complement to the aircraft interior. Tranquility allows virtually instant transition to any level of tint from clear to very dark, thereby eliminating glare while still being able to enjoy the view of the world outside. Tranquility also features automated light control; passengers set the desired level of light and the system maintains it by automatically adjusting to changing outside light conditions.

Tranquility also offers two key eco-friendly benefits: firstly, Tranquility helps reduce carbon emissions while on the ramp. When parked, Tranquility’s EDW automatically switches to the maximum heat-blocking state, blocking UV radiation and rejecting IR rays and requiring much less cabin cooling in hot climates. This significantly reduces APU and/or engine CO2 emissions. Further, passengers entering a cabin equipped with Tranquility will experience a cooler, more comfortable cabin. Secondly, the design of the system helps decrease cabin noise levels by dampening external noise; this is particularly effective as aircraft windows are a primary source of noise transmitted into the cabin.

ATG is offering two variants of Tranquility: Tranquility 1, featuring the InspecTech eShade SPD EDW technology; and Tranquility 2, featuring InspecTech’s iShade technology which couples the SPD variable dimming technology with a privacy APD film, creating a virtual blackout capability. Other key benefits include the largest contrast ratio and the largest range of light transmission of any EDW currently available.

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