Aerospace Technologies Group Inc. and InspecTech Aero Service Inc. ‘Up The Ante’ with Performance Improvements To their Latest Offerings


– Panacea ATG’s electromechanical shades integrated with IAS’s electronic dimmable window (EDW) technology and Tranquility, ATG’s standalone EDW shade system, offer ideal solutions for complete control of natural light, glare, heat and noise in aircraft cabins

Boca Raton, FL | June 18, 2013– Aerospace Technologies Group Inc. (ATG) in conjunction with InspecTech Aero Service Inc. (IAS), announced today that the companies have significantly improved the performance of the EDW portion of the Panacea and Tranquility Shade Systems. The newly enhanced systems offer approximately 50 percent less haze; increased optical clarity; broadened transparency range; and reduced cycle time compared with competing systems.

Through research and development, the electronics and manufacturing processes have been significantly upgraded. The results have reduced the haze in the electronic dimmable window lens by 50 percent compared with competing products; increased optical clarity by achieving haze levels lower than perceived levels; broadened the transparency range from 50 percent (clear) to 99.96 percent (dark), thereby offering a virtual blackout; and reduced cycle time – transitioning from fully dark to fully clear in less than three seconds.

“With a decade of EDW experience, we developed a propriety electronics package with the primary objectives of increasing visible light transmittance, lowering haze and lowering reflectance. All three objectives were met and the resulting increase in viewing clarity exceeded customer expectations,” says James Lang, CEO of IAS.

“The introduction of these improvements further sets Panacea and Tranquility far apart from the competition. With the increasing level of interest in both products, ATG is pleased to be able to offer exclusively the very best electronic dimmable window technology available,” says Simon Kay, CEO of ATG.

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