As FAA Weighs Rules On Portable Electronic Devices, Passengers Can Voice their Thoughts On All Airline Services


– Passenger Choice Awards provide airlines with valuable passenger opinions about the entire flight experience

New York, NY | May 20, 2013– If only airlines could read their passengers’ minds. They can come close with the Passenger Choice Awards! As the FAA contemplates rules related to portable electronic devices, the traveling public can weigh in on every aspect of the trip any time they would like by participating in this airline-focused awards program. In addition to getting recognition for doing what works, airlines have the benefit of seeing exactly what moves passengers one way or the other.

The Passenger Choice Awards were created to recognize airline achievements in the passenger experience and to give airlines useful data on how flyers view specific services. The program gives passengers a virtual hotline to airlines to keep them in the know on what’s working and what needs improving – meaning the passenger voice can be heard with each and every flight.

“This is valuable information that is specific to our airline, coming from the people who travel with us,” said Alfy Veretto, Manager of IFE and Partnerships for Virgin America. Virgin America took home the 2012 award for Best Overall Passenger Experience (Up to 50 IFE Equipped in Fleet) and several other Passenger Choice Awards. “In this industry, finding ways to improve the passenger experience is always evolving. The more information we have, the better the experience becomes.”

The survey, available year-round at, is customizable and asks passengers to rate aspects of the travel experience that are applicable to them. Questions cover ticketing, ground experience, comfort, inflight entertainment and more. Results are tabulated by ratings and research specialists at The Nielsen Company, and results are sent to participating airlines.

Travelers can fill out the survey multiple times and are encouraged to do so every time they fly. Awards categories include inflight publications, connectivity and communications, food and beverage, informational videos and entertainment, cabin ambiance and pre-departure experience. Past winners include Southwest Airlines (Best Inflight Publication), Norwegian (Best Inflight Connectivity & Communications) and Singapore Airlines (Best Food & Beverage).

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