A New Organization for Zodiac Aerospace’s IFE Activities


Plaisir, France | May 21, 2013– The IMS Company, based in Brea, California, which specializes in providing “Passenger Centric” In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) technology for the commercial aircraft market was acquired by Zodiac Aerospace in January 2013.

In conjunction with the existing IFE activity within the Zodiac Aerospace group based in Plaisir, France, a single business unit dedicated to IFE will be formed with its headquarters in Brea, California. With this acquisition, Zodiac Aerospace becomes the premier choice for passenger centric lightweight IFE. This integration provides greater resources and global support to the IFE team as they continue to grow in the In-Flight entertainment industry, and expand the passenger-centric IFE technology.

A new organization is put in place. Rod Farley has been named the new CEO of Zodiac Aerospace’s In- Flight Entertainment activities. Larry Girard has been named Executive Vice President. Steve Hawkins as CTO will run engineering and Shannon Biggs has been hired as Senior Vice President of Operations. Additionally Patric Boigas has been named Director of European Operations for the IFE unit in France.

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