New-Look AeroMobile Website Goes Live


– Inflight GSM operator launches consumer-friendly site

London, UK | April 16, 2013– AeroMobile, the leading mobile phone operator for the aviation industry, has launched a new-look website,

The easy-to-use site provides all the information you need on inflight connectivity in one place, including details of which mobile phone operators have partnered with AeroMobile and which airlines currently offer the service.

The site, created by UK-based design agency Tobasgo Creative, is clear, simple, easy to navigate and responsive to smartphone and tablet display, meaning key information is delivered on-brand to mobile devices.

The new website includes an increased presence for social media, following the launch of AeroMobile’s Twitter feed earlier this year, and to encourage consumers to Tweet @AeroMobile at 30,000ft.

The site also features regularly updated news and blog posts, an FAQ section covering issues such as safety and cost, and an easy, step-by-step guide to using your mobile device inflight.

“We’re very excited to launch our new-look website. This represents an important step-change for AeroMobile; with an established service and increasing airline and mobile phone partners, now is the time to start engaging with the public,” says Kevin Rogers, CEO of AeroMobile.

“Our aim is to raise awareness; we want people to know that they can use their mobile phones and tablets inflight, that it’s perfectly safe and it doesn’t cost the earth,” continues Rogers.

“The look and feel of the website will be carried through all of our consumer-facing communication – online and offline – to help raise awareness and increase engagement. It’s visually engaging, so will definitely make an impact,” concludes Rogers.

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