Aircraft Interiors Expo Provides The Ideal Launch Pad


Hamburg, Germany | April 11, 2013– The visitors thronging the busy aisles of Aircraft Interiors Expo are underlining the event’s importance as a launch pad for new products. Exhibitors that are delighted by the visitor response include Swiss media company, who is using its Aircraft Interiors Expo debut to launch the only IFE solution on the market that is financed through advertising revenue, making it free to airline customers. Airlines can also avoid much of the cost of installing and maintaining equipment.

Ocleen offers two options: air.connect, which uses a pre-installed server and WiFi access points, and air.tabcloud, which streams TV content to tablets without the need for an internet connection. The air.tabcloud solution overcomes limited storage space on each tablet by distributing the overall content evenly across all proprietary tablets.

Ocleen’s Pascal Staud said, ‘We are particularly targeting short and medium haul airlines and chose Aircraft Interiors Expo because we decided this was the best place to meet them. We are very pleased with the number of high quality visitors that have come to our stand and the length of time they have spent gaining an understanding of the benefits of our solutions. Just today we signed two Letters of Intent with potential customers, one of them a large Asian carrier. Our new revenue model has created a lot of interest, as has the fact that our system can work with a range of IFE hardware, including retro-fitting. We have also been approached by business jet operators regarding buying our service without the advertising funding’.

Another successful launch was being staged by EAM Worldwide. Manny Gatto, Director of Sales for EAM said on the afternoon of day two, ‘We had high expectations for this show and to date they have been exceeded. We have seen those visitors we invited to view our exciting new product and have also been pleasantly surprised by the number of other prospective customers that have come to see us’. The company launched a single-lane evacuation slide for the Airbus A320 family of jets, a significant diversification from its long established range of life rafts and life vests. Manny Gatto said the stand has been consistently busy, with visitors interested in both the competitive pricing of the slide and its innovative features, such as LED lighting.

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