Inmarsat Hosts APEX Technical Workshop On In-Flight Connectivity


London, UK | March 27, 2013– Inmarsat hosted the APEX Technical Workshop day (27 March) on connectivity at its London headquarters. The event attracted some 120 delegates from airlines and companies involved in the ‘passenger experience’ industry.

The agenda included a range of topics on passenger connectivity and operational communications. In the light of the current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) review, one of the day’s panel discussions covered the topical issue of the in-flight use of consumer devices.

Michele Franci, VP Commercial, GX program, participated in the roundtable entitled ‘How much bandwidth is enough? ’. “The question of bandwidth availability is probably the most discussed topic at the moment, and Inmarsat is in a very good position to address both current and future needs through SwiftBroadband and our upcoming GX Aviation services.” said Michele Franci.

The keynote presentation – “It is rocket science” – was made by David Schoen, VP of Product and Services, Inmarsat, and delegates were treated to a rare glimpse of how Inmarsat operates its constellation of geostationary satellites through a tour of Inmarsat’s Network Operations Centre.

“It is fascinating to see what goes on behind the scenes when flying satellites and operating a global mobile communications network”, said Schoen VP of Products and Services. “The event has given us the opportunity to show airlines and other key organisations exactly what is required to provide the world’s most reliable satellite communication services.”

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