El Al Triples Number of BlueBox Ai IFE Units


London, UK | March 27, 2013– Bluebox Avionics announces that Israel’s flag carrier, El Al, has significantly expanded the scale of the recently deployed Bluebox Ai portable inflight entertainment system. El Al initially deployed the Bluebox Ai solution in September 2012 providing customers with access to the latest Hollywood early window content as well as a range of other movie, TV, audio, reading and gaming content all delivered via secure iPad devices. This has proven so successful that the flag carrier ordered more units to meet demand, tripling the current implementation to 300 units.

Tal Kalderon, Inflight Entertainment Manager at El Al, is delighted with the impact of Bluebox. “Passengers have really taken to the Bluebox solution which has lived up to its promise of delivering a wide range of engaging content in a powerful package. It has also proven to be very easy for us to manage. We therefore decided to quickly increase the number of units we have deployed to make more widely available to our passengers.”

David Brown, Joint Managing Director of Bluebox recognises the value of customers expanding. “This decision to increase the number of Bluebox Ai units deployed so quickly after the initial roll out underlines the significant impact of the solution. El Al’s customers are delighted, the airline is clearly delighted and of course we are also delighted.“

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