Aeromexico Offers Passenger Entertainment In A Bluebox


London, UK | March 20, 2013– Bluebox Avionics is delighted to announce that Mexico’s flag carrier Aeromexico has implemented the Bluebox Ai portable inflight entertainment system to provide its customers with a superior inflight entertainment experience. The Bluebox solution made its first appearance for Aeromexico on the inaugural flight between Mexico and the UK in December ahead of the deployment of over 250 units across a number of Aeromexico’s long haul services over the last month. This is the first portable IFE service utilizing the fourth generation iPad.

Bluebox provide Aeromexico’s customers with access to the latest Hollywood early window content as well as a range of other movie, TV, audio, reading and gaming content.

Fernando Rojas Hernandez, Service Planning Manager at Aeromexico is delighted that the capabilities of the Bluebox system position Aeromexico at the leading edge of portable IFE provision. “The iPad provides a superb platform for the delivery of inflight entertainment. The Bluebox Ai solution provides Aeromexico customers with a great blend of content, including early window Hollywood movies, in a package that is very easy for us to deploy and operate.” The rapid deployment is a bonus as Fernando notes, “it was been less than 6 weeks from deciding on Bluebox to bringing the system into service which is quite amazing. The joint efforts of the Bluebox and Aeromexico team really paid off as all understood the desire to launch Bluebox at the same time as our new Mexico to UK service.”

David Brown, joint Managing Director of Bluebox, welcomes the decision to deploy Bluebox Ai. “Aeromexico services are rapidly expanding and we are delighted to be able to provide a portable solution that delivers a very high quality IFE experience to Aeromexico customers. This is our first deployment in the region and we are absolutely convinced that it will continue to delight both the airline and its customers”.

Brown also reflects on the recent performance of Bluebox Avionics. “Aeromexico joins a growing group of airlines that have selected Bluebox Ai with over 7,000 units deployed in the last 15-months alone. It has been a period in which the Bluebox solution has developed to deliver an outstanding IFE experience with deployment capabilities that are enhanced by the optional protective case and 20 hour battery. There’s plenty more to come and we look forward to further announcements in coming months.”

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