Transaero Airlines Adds Holiday Spirit for January 7th Christmas via Lumexis FTTS Inflight Entertainment System


Moscow, Russia & Irvine, CA | January 4, 2013– Transaero Airlines has created a unique seasonal user interface on its Fiber-To-The-Screen® (FTTS) Inflight Entertainment (IFE) System from Lumexis. The holiday themed modifications feature Ded Moroz, the fictional character also known as “Old Man Frost” who delivers presents to children on the Russian Orthodox Christmas, celebrated January 7th.

“Ded Moroz is seen boarding a Transaero 777-300 aircraft with his large red sack of presents, with the message ‘Season’s Greetings!’ throughout the Inflight Entertainment System Graphical User Interface (GUI)” explained Transaero Deputy Technical Director Sergey Popov. “He welcomes passengers as they board the aircraft, and appears over animated backgrounds at various times during the flight. This is another first for Transaero in bringing out a beautifully traditional, Russian-themed GUI solely for the Holiday period.”

“Seasonal GUI modifications are uncommon in legacy IFE systems, due to the lengthy development and testing cycles used,” added Lumexis CEO Doug Cline. “Other IFE systems require GUI modifications to be initiated months before they appear on an aircraft, and typically have high associated costs. However, the Lumexis FTTS IFE System has unprecedented capability to allow rapid prototyping, development and deployment of modifications. The Transaero Seasonal GUI was conceived, developed and deployed to aircraft in less than one week, at minimal cost to Transaero Airlines.”

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