The Zodiac Aerospace’s In-Flight Entertainment System Is Fitted On Corsair Aircraft


Toulouse, France | November 27, 2012– Zodiac Aerospace today celebrates the delivery of the first Corsair (TUI Group) Airbus A330-300 equipped with the IFE (In-Flight Entertainment) system developed by Zodiac Aerospace. This IFE system will eventually be fitted to all Corsair’s Airbus A330s and Boeing B747s, including both retrofitted and new airliners.

This new IFE system from Zodiac Aerospace is both modern and comprehensive. It provides passengers audio/video on demand, interactive games, global positioning, etc., and provides airline companies with a new streamlined design, integrated into the seat (“Passenger Centric”), which permits to reduce the overall weight of the IFE system, to lower ownership costs, to limit the costs of integration into the seat, and to significantly improve the reliability of the IFE system, while offering passengers a very high rate of availability.

Zodiac Aerospace is actively promoting growth in this “Passenger Centric” IFE segment. The Group recently announced the purchase of the US company IMS, which should be finalized before the end of 2012. This acquisition will consolidate the Group’s position and increase the pace of its growth in this market segment, both in the cabin-retrofit market and the fitting of new planes, as is the case today.

Corsair has also chosen Zodiac Aerospace to supply the new seats (Zodiac Seats France) and new galleys (Zodiac Premium Galleys) for its entire fleet.

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