10 Years of Quiet Skies


Auckland, NZ | October 31, 2012– Phitek Systems has achieved a 10-year milestone in the deployment of the company’s patented, ANRTM active noise cancellation technology across global passenger airline fleets. ANRTM is, in scientific terms, active acoustic attenuation technology which Phitek developed in 2002. ANRTM provides an effective and economical solution to the challenge of noise within aircraft cabins. Background cabin noise is a problem that impacts upon the successful delivery of in-flight entertainment (IFE) which has rapidly evolved as a critical service distinction between competing airlines in both their premium and economy cabins.

In launching ANRTM Phitek moved quickly in partnership with leading IFE providers, such as Panasonic Avionics Corporation and more recently with Thales Aerospace – to integrate ANRTM into IFE systems offered to leading airlines. Positioned on a critical combination of technology, performance, price and flexibility, ANRTM has become a required industry standard.

Phitek has been instrumental in lowering airline recurring operational costs normally associated with IFE by embedding ANRTM into a seat jack. This feature eliminates an airline’s need for complex – and expensive – ‘consumable’ headphones provided to premium passengers.

Phitek’s ANRTM has been integrated into almost half a million seats over the last 10 years including many of the world’s long haul passenger fleet such as, Air New Zealand, Etihad Airways, Swiss Airlines, Emirates Airlines, United/Continental, Asiana, Qatar Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Australia, and Iberia.

Phitek ANRTM aviation products meet the rigid design, fabrication and quality demands of the commercial aviation sector with manufacturing located close to the company’s head office in Auckland, New Zealand.
With a background focused on customer demands within the aviation sector Phitek’s research and development group have teamed with leading New Zealand government research institutions such as The University of Auckland and Industrial Research Limited (IRL) to cultivate IFE connectivity innovations.

Products such as V3DTM ‘In-Seat Surround Sound’ now flying on a major airline and the MJUTM ‘Ultra-long-life connector’ currently being trialled in flight, are recent examples of successful commercialisation of this NZ originating research.

Since establishing the success of integrating ANRTM across most IFE systems, Phitek is focused on an innovation path that will exploit ‘next generation’ opportunities such as on-board wireless payment, wireless audio and in cabin communications at each seat, to meet the demand from airline passengers for the coming decade and beyond.

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