Air Canada Optimizes Codeshare Management with IT from Lufthansa Systems


Kelsterbach, Germany | October 2, 2012– Air Canada will manage its codeshare flights with SchedConnect from Lufthansa Systems. Both companies recently signed a five-year contract to this effect. The leading solution enables Air Canada to optimize its codeshare management and to lower costs and increase revenue. Lufthansa Systems will host the new system in its own data center.

“With more than 20 partner airlines, Air Canada needed a solution to better manage its code share relationships. SchedConnect’s modular approach allowed the tool to be easily integrated into Air Canada’s existing applications in order to deliver optimized code share connections to and from the Air Canada network in a timely manner,” said Marcel Forget, Air Canada’s Vice President of Network Planning.

SchedConnect offers a high degree of automation, calculating the optimum codeshare assignments based on the current flight schedules every day. The system processes schedule data of more than 150 airlines worldwide. If a minimum connecting time is violated due to a schedule change or if a partner flight is cancelled, the system automatically assigns the marketing flight number to another suitable connecting flight. Changes are sent through the reservation systems to travel agents and customers as well as to the operations and passenger-related systems of the airlines involved. Lufthansa Systems offers its codeshare management solution as an Application Service Providing (ASP) model, delivering 24/7 server operation and state-of-the-art infrastructure services.

“We are very proud that Air Canada has decided to expand our cooperation and look forward to continuing the trusted relationship. The new agreement confirms the high value that our products offer our customers in terms of enhanced efficiency, reduced costs or increased profits,” says Klaus Bernhardt, Senior Vice President Regional Management Americas at Lufthansa Systems.

Air Canada uses a wide range of IT solutions from Lufthansa Systems since 2008, including the IOCC Platform which controls and monitors all aspects of airline operations which are closely interlinked in practice.

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