Preview: 2012 APEX EXPO


AirCloud, Inc.
Product/Service: Full service content software platform, content management & merchandising/programming services, commerce, couponing, retailing, destination guides.
Description: AirCloud, Inc. (AirCloud™) is a full-service software and content services company that provides a personal entertainment and commerce experience for users that is sent directly to any mobile smart device, tablet or PC.
Booth Number: 1550
Show Contact Name: Brad David
Telephone No. 425-283-7600
Editor’s Note: Peter Lemme will be presenting the technology road-map enabling streaming content wirelessly to personal devices.

Aircraft Cabin Systems
Product/Service: Video Monitor Supplier
Description: Specializing with Video Monitors. 8” through 65”, Composite, VGA, High Definition Monitors.
Booth Number: 912
Show Contact Name: Ben Ludlow
Telephone No. 425 883 8008 Ext 100, or 206 612 1979 (Mobil)

Astronics AES
Product/Service: EmPower Systems
Description: On display will be Astronics latest intelligent USB charging system providing passengers the ability to charge their carry on devices such as Smart Phones, Tablets PC’s and iPad’s.
Booth Number: 1245
Show Contact Name: Dennis Markert, Director, Business Development Cabin Sales & Marketing
Telephone No. +1.425.895.4374

Bose Corporation
Product/Service: Noise Cancelling Headphones
Description: Premium noise reduction headphones that help deliver the full benefit of the IFE system and enhance the overall inflight experience.
Booth Number: 611
Show Contact: Hratch Astarjian
Telephone No. 508-766-4075

Product/Service: Portable inflight entertainment equipment
Description: Come see what’s next from the handheld IFE pioneer. Debuting at the APEX event in Long Beach – Booth #533 – is the all new digEtab featuring the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with an extended battery life and ruggedized case, our intuitive content streaming solution and user interface, an efficient media management suite, as well as our legacy line of portable products including the L7 and L10 digEplayers.
Booth Number: 533
Contact info: Ben Fuller – Director of Sales & Marketing
Cell: 801-867-5248

Product/Service: In-flight Connectivity and In-flight entertainment
Description: Gogo is a leader of in-flight connectivity and a pioneer in wireless in-flight digital entertainment solutions
Booth Number: 431
Show Contact Name: Channing Fleetwood
Telephone No. (404) 519-1322

Product/Service: IFPL specializes in tailored engineering solutions for the Global Passenger Entertainment Industry.
Description: Probably best known for our highly reliable and efficient audio jacks. We are now exited to be able to show our latest products; the Self-Testing jack, Breakaway jack and Near Field Communication.
Booth Number: 1167
Show Contact Name: Neil Thomas
Telephone No: [44] (0778) 698-7454

The IMS Company
Product/Service: InSeat AVOD and Content Services
Description: RAVE – the award winning seat-centric AVOD system providing the latest features for passengers, crew and maintenance. RAVE is designed to deliver the highest reliability in the market, with a system price that is about half the cost of traditional IFE systems. RAVE has been selected by eleven airlines and is already flying and fully certified by both EASA and the FAA.
Booth Number: 1236
Show Contact Name: Harry Gray, Vice President Sales and Marketing
Telephone No. +1 (714) 854-8633

Product/Service: Global satellite services
Description: Inmarsat, the only provider of global mobile connectivity, will be provide updates on SwiftBroadband and GX Aviation, the state-of-the-art satellite services specifically designed for consistent, reliable, communication for airlines and their passengers.
Booth Number: 1231
Show Contact Name: Lars Ringertz
Telephone No: +44 7734 985 883

KID-Systeme GmbH
Product/Service: Cabin Systems
Description: KID is specialized in In Seat Power Systems as well as Connectivity solutions
Booth Number: 237
Show Contact Name: Maren Münte

Product/Service: IFE and Connectivity
Description: LiveTV is a leading IFE&C provider of live television and connectivity including Ka-band broadband which will launch late 2012.
Booth Number: 845
Show Contact Name: Mike Moeller, VP of Sales
Telephone No. 407-704-0837

Lumexis Corporation
Product/Service: IFEC system provider
Description: Lumexis provides FTTS® and WiPAX™ – the world’s lightest and lowest cost embedded and wireless IFEC systems.
Booth Number: 223
Show Contact Name: Doug Cline
Mobile: 714-813-8550

Product/Service: Inflight WiFi (Internet OnAir) and GSM (Mobile OnAir)
Description: OnAir’s products enable passengers to use their own mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and laptops in exactly the same way as they do on the ground, either through the onboard GSM network (Mobile OnAir) or the onboard Wi-Fi hotspot (Internet OnAir); OnAir is the only provider to offer consistent global coverage for both inflight GSM and Wi-Fi, thanks to over 80 regulatory approvals and more than 350 roaming agreements.
Booth Number: 553
Show Contact Name: Aurélie Branchereau-Giles
Telephone No: +41 78 676 15 46

Panasonic Avionics Corporation
Product/Service: IFEC and Broadband Inflight Connectivity Services
Description: Panasonic Avionics designs and implements innovative IFEC solutions that strengthen the connection between the world’s airlines and their passengers.Our solutions have the power to increase the value of an airline’s brand, foster passenger loyalty, produce additional ancillary revenue and reduce operating costs.
Booth Number:925
Show Contact Name: Rebecca Atchison

Rockwell Collins
Product/Service: PAVES™ 3
Description: Rockwell Collins’ PAVES™ 3 provides overhead broadcast video, in-seat audio/video and applications on demand.
Booth Number: 445
Show Contact Name: Kelly Holland
Telephone No.: 949-872-3308

Row 44
Product/Service: Live Television Inflight to Passengers’ WiFi Devices
Description: Row 44 is the first inflight connectivity provider offering live television aboard commercial flights to passengers’ Wi-Fi enabled devices.
Booth Number: 957
Show Contact Name: Doug Walner, Chief Commercial Officer and Travis Christ, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer
Telephone No.
Doug Walner: 310-383-2549
Travis Christ: 404-310-6036

Product/Service: In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity Systems and Services
Description: Thales is a leading provider of both TopSeries® embedded and wireless IFEC systems that are supported by digital media services and a global support network.
Booth Number: #207
Show Contact Name: Lori Krans, VP Communications
Telephone No. +1 949 923 0976

Product/Service: IFEC software and hardware
Description: TriaGnoSys develops advanced software for satellite communications, and has recently been become an approved Design and Production Organisation, offering the smallest, lightest airborne hardware for the complete suite of inflight connectivity and wireless IFE functions.
Booth Number: 1067
Show Contact Name: Axel Jahn
Telephone No: +49 172 292 8125

VT Miltope
Product/Service: Wireless access points, TWLU aircraft to ground wireless bridging, Servers, Ethernet switches, ARINC 744 network printers and ARINC740 printer, and data storage devices
Description: Miltope’s family of aviation network products offer the required functionality necessary to create custom airborne networks similar to how office networks are created.
Booth Number: 359
Show Contact Name: Jeff Drader
Telephone No. 949 278 5856

Editor’s Note: We look forward to seeing many of you during APEX. If you need to reach us our contact info is: Terry Wiseman | Publisher – 206 229 7890 or Patricia Wiseman | Editor – 206 229 7899.

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