Astronics Corporation Announces New EMPOWER® USB In-Seat Power System


East Aurora, NY | September 17, 2012– Astronics Corporation (NASDAQ: ATRO), a leader in advanced, high performance lighting, electrical power, enhanced vision, network systems and automated test systems for the global aerospace and defense industries, today announced that Astronics AES, the recognized industry leader in aircraft cabin power, now has available for sale, a stand-alone 5 Volt DC In-Seat USB charging system designed to charge the latest passenger electronics devices.

This latest EMPOWER® stand-alone 5 Volt DC USB In-Seat Power charging system provides power to four individual USB Outlet Units capable of simultaneously charging four iPad® devices. Astronics AES is introducing its latest innovation in the EMPOWER® product line to the commercial aviation market so the needs of airline passengers that require USB power to charge their electronic devices such as smartphones, cameras, tablets and other USB devices can be addressed.

Tablet devices presently account for 30% of technology operated on commercial flights. It is projected that an additional 300 million more tablet devices will enter the market by 2015. With the proliferation of these and other popular portable electronic technologies, the latest USB EMPOWER® system is ready to provide the charging power for commercial airlines and their passengers.

For over 15 years, Astronics AES has developed patented intelligent power management systems. The patented EMPOWER® System is currently in service with over 170 Airline/OEM customers on over 500,000 seats.

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