British Airways Extends Partnership With Accelya


– Sales Audit and Revenue Recover services contract extended for three years

Barcelona, Mumbai & New Jersey | August 23, 2012– Accelya, the leading solutions provider to the airline and travel industries, today announced that British Airways extended its partnership contract with Accelya for Sales Audit and Revenue Recovery services.

British Airways has decided to continue their partnership with Accelya in providing Sales Audit and Revenue Recovery services. The new contract, which takes effect in October 2012, will continue the long standing relationship between British Airways and Accelya for a further three years.

“We are pleased to be extending our co-operation with Accelya” said John Hagan, British Airways Passenger Revenue Accounting Manager. “We have experienced a robust, accurate and reliable service with Accelya over the years. It gives British Airways security that our pricing policies are being enforced and means we can focus on our core activities”.

Speaking on the occasion Artur Farinha, Sales Audit Business Manager, said “We are delighted to extend our partnership with British Airways. The extension underlines the consistent value that we bring to airlines. Direct improvement in profitability by covering revenue leakage sources and diligent customer service are the cornerstones of our service. This has enabled us to become one of the largest providers of sales audit and revenue recovery service to the airline industry.”

Accelya is the leading provider of Audit & Revenue Recovery Services to airlines. Accelya’s audit services span across the ticket lifecycle from original booking through to the completion of the journey. This is supported by comprehensive recovery services — from raising of ADMs to fund collection. Accelya brings a host of unique strengths to its services: broad and maximised leakage detection, ADM accuracy, talented teams and account managers, best practices, advanced technology and innovation. Through proprietary platform, skilled staff and best practices, Accelya ensures maximised recovery and minimised errors. Accelya helps airlines identify over $180 million in revenue leakages annually.

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