Biz Jet IFE – 101


This week we have a 2-for-1 on the subject of business jets; the latest IFE offering from Flight Display Systems and the biggest biz jet LCD display out there from Aircraft Cabin Systems. Let’s get right to work.

IFExpress contacted Flight Displays and asked if they had anything new on the drawing board. We quickly found out about FDS’s CMS Platinum – the newest offering from the Flight Display Systems folks which embodies improvements that include HD, in-arm 10″ display in business class seats, and moving map displays. “We are very excited about this substantial improvement to our popular aircraft cabin management system,” says David Gray, President of Flight Display Systems. “The Select CMS Platinum is a considerable advancement that uses a fully HD backbone for easy installation on any retrofit project.” Here is an image of a CMS Platinum installation on a retrofitted commercial aircraft.

“Select CMS Platinum provides VIP customers with customizable controls for all information and entertainment needs. Powered by user interfaces called Cabin Control Modules (CCM), Select CMS Platinum manages audio/video sources, lights, shades and more from anywhere within the aircraft. Select CMS Platinum is versatile enough to control any cabin – from a six seat turboprop to a wide body airliner. Many sample photographs are on-line.

High-Definition is the hallmark of the Select CMS Platinum. The system provides resolutions up to 1080p and will also upscale non-HD content. Our Fly HD end-to-end High-Definition product line includes source devices such as Blu-ray players, amplifiers, and monitors ranging from 5″ to 55″ in size. To ease installation, Select CMS Platinum uses common video cable rather than Cat5 to transmit the High-Definition signal. This allows for a tighter bend radius, simpler termination and crimping. Select CMS Platinum requires fewer parts by using HD-SDI direct to LCD monitors instead of converting HDMI to Cat5 on both ends. Additionally, one switching box is all that is necessary for both High-Definition and Standard Definition video.”

The folks at Flight Display Systems were also quick to point out that the product was basically higher in quality, better in reliability, lower in cost, and that CMC Platinum was easier to install with fewer and smaller parts. Nick Gray, International Sales Director sent us the the cover image and we asked about it: “The aircraft is an MD-81 and is a private charter aircraft primarily used for sports teams (more photos available). Our dealer on the project was Pentastar Aviation. (Flight Display Systems sells through a dealer network of authorized avionics installation centers; we do not sell directly to end customers.) He went on to say: Flight Display Systems was very happy with the results from this project with Pentastar Aviation. Steve Lord, Regional Sales Manager for Flight Display Systems told us, “This was a very unique project that was extremely well planned out by the Pentastar Aviation engineering staff. The end result truly exceeded our expectations.” Nick went on to say; “One more point, and it’s something we’re really excited about — Select CMS Platinum now provides cabin control wirelessly through the Apple iPad (we have an app for that! iTunes store) and on Android tablets and phones too.” Nice touch!

Our next call went to Yukio Sugimoto, President of Aircraft Cabin Systems, knowing that the Redmond, WA company continually designs and builds the biggest (and according to Richie Sugimoto | CFO, “…the best!”) LCD Displays for biz jets. We initially learned of the giant 65″ LCD unit at the ACS offices, and ultimately discovered they are also the thinnest displays available. “So far we have one customer who selected the 65” for a B777 private jet and we have a couple of customers planning to purchase it for B747-8 and B777,” noted Mr. Sugimoto. “I have included our specification for your readers. Further, I believe this is the first 65″ monitor and, as far as I know, no one else has installed one of this size.” Intrigued, we asked Yukio if it was available for installation on commercial aircraft? “We are certainly happy to supply this product to the commercial aircraft marketplace. It may not fit in a normal passenger compartment; however, it may be a good fit in the lounge of large airplane like the A380!” We want one!

For more information about the above products contact Nick Gray at Flight Display Systems – or Yukio Sugimoto at ACS –
Noted Elsewhere Update: IFExpress received this note from OnAir regarding a hyperlink in last week’s publication – “We saw your article about Virgin launching its transatlantic GSM service. However, it isn’t the first airline to provide inflight mobile phone services on transatlantic routes: British Airways has been providing Mobile OnAir on its business-class flights from London City Airport to JFK since 2009. As you know, Singapore also provides Mobile OnAir on routes to the US, but across the Pacific in that case.”

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