SatCom License Opens Gateway For Business Jets In China


Beijing, China & Las Vegas, Nevada | October 9, 2011 — SKYBLUE Technology Development Ltd., (SKYBLUE) has received of an extension to the only Iridium frequency bandwidth approval for aviation Satellite Communications (SatCom) in China.

SKYBLUE has been working with FLYHTTM (TSX.V: AMA), to obtain the necessary bandwidth approval for the Company’s Automated Flight information Reporting System (AFIRSTM). The license from the Chinese authorities to use the specific bandwidth for voice and data communications in China has been extended after many years of effort and verification of FLYHT’s equipment. This approval, which has been renewed for the third time, allows AFIRS equipment to be installed on aviation assets in China until the next renewal at the end of 2017. FLYHT is also in possession of several Validation of Supplemental Type Certificates (VSTC), from Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).

SKYBLUE is the exclusive distributor of AFIRS products in China as well as the exclusive reseller of AFIRS Iridium-based data and voice services to the aviation community in China. As part of its mandate and requirements from the CAAC, SKYBLUE provides hardware, software and services to airline customers.

FLYHT will host representatives from SKYBLUE at the 2011 Annual Convention of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) in Las Vegas, NV, from October 10 to 12. The two groups will meet Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and operators at the show to discuss regulations in China and the SatCom equipage of aircraft compliant in China. FLYHT is currently working with business aviation OEMs for equipage of AFIRS on their new aircraft for delivery to China.

CAAC has implemented a number of forefront requirements for aviation safety and communications including, but not limited to, requirements for flight following, Quick Access Recorders (QAR), and continuous voice and data communication that is independent of air traffic control in all Chinese airspace. The AFIRS product line meets or exceeds all the current and known future requirements.

The AFIRS 228 will be the first safety services certified platform on the planet to provide black box data streaming via FLYHTStreamTM, FLYHT’s patent pending triggered data streaming solution. It is expected that China will work on regulations requiring data streaming capabilities.

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