Avianor Inc Enters Into Cooperation Agreement With AIRVOD Entertainment Ltd


Seattle, WA | September 13, 2011 — Avianor and AIRVOD team up to provide “Pit Stop” service for airlines looking for a simplified In Flight Entertainment (IFE) acquisition and integration process.

Avianor and AIRVOD Entertainment Ltd are pleased to announce a strategic alliance that will change the way IFE is procured and delivered and will allow for a fast roll out of the original, authentic and patented, SeatcentricTM IFE system.

Earl Diamond, COO of Avianor said, “By centralizing data storage and access in each seat back, operators can save millions of dollars in fuel, enhance their customer experience and reduce maintenance costs.

Our new “Pit Stop” concept will increase flexibility in cabin reconfigurations and most of all, offer customers an entertainment interface comparable with anything that they could experience at home”, said Diamond.

CEO of AIRVOD Entertainment Ltd Terry Bonar said, “Traditionally when airlines installed IFE systems it took on average up to 12 months, which is a huge drain on time and monetary resources.

With this new strategic alliance between AIRVOD Entertainment Ltd and Avianor, we are confident this waiting time will be dramatically reduced to between three and six months”, said Bonar.

Avianor will not only provide Engineering, Certification and physical installation of the system in aircraft, they will also provide Sales, Repair Station and Spares Services to the Americas. With this novel approach, customers can count on one team to supply the system, the integration, installation, seat and airframe modifications and provide the STC.

The “Pit Stop” service is designed to offer aircraft operators and owners the opportunity to contract with one team for all aspects of IFE retrofit.

As the first customer to avail of the innovative “Pit Stop’ service provided by Avianor and AIRVOD Entertainment Ltd, Omni Air International will equip its fleet of 777-200 aircraft with the patented SeatcentricTM in-flight entertainment system.

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