Latecoere Is Selected By Korean Air, Alitalia & Turkish Airlines For Its new Digital Landscape Camera System


Toulouse, France, September, 2010 – LATECOERE, a leader in Commercial on board Camera system is pleased to announce that Korean Air chose the Latecoere digital landscape camera system (LDCS) for 10 of its purchased Airbus A380 aircraft. This order follows two other selections of LDCS from Alitalia and Turkish Airlines respectively to equip 12 A330 and 22 new aircraft (12 777 & 10 A330).

Digital landscape camera system which is a popular selectable option for entertainment includes a MPEG 2 video stream via Ethernet 100 Mbits link to the IFE and an ARINC 485 data bus for control. The system which contains two cameras enjoys passengers with forward and downward external views during taxi, take off, climbing, cruise, descent and landing.

LDCS system has already been installed on aircraft for Airbus, Boeing, Austrian Airlines, Finnair , SAA, SAS, Air France, Lufthansa, Emirates, Etihad, Gulf Air, China Airlines, ILFC, GECAS, BMI, Swiss, amongst others.

“Our goal for this product line is to offer a cost-effective system for narrow bodies equipped with current overhead panels or to provide a digital platform to interface new digital IFE system for wide bodies and long range aircraft. Our new digital technologies currently flying on world airlines today get a great success with cabin crews and passengers using A330/A340/777/A380 aircraft. We look forward to extend our market share on new aircraft and offer a global offer for entire customer fleet,“ said Xavier Carrier, Head of Prospective of Latecoere.

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