New Kit For Airshow(TM) Owners Is Easy Upgrade To Satellite Maps


April 8th, 2010 – AEA International Convention & Trade Show – Flight Display Systems has announced today an upgrade kit for Airshow™ 100, Airshow™ 200, and Airshow™ 400 owners. The upgrade gives passengers the new Flight Display Moving Map with Worldwide Satellite Imagery, state-of-the-art hardware, and a new two year warranty. Priced at $11,074, this is typically less than the cost of repairing a defective Airshow™ unit.

“There are thousands of old Airshow™ units flying today that are no longer supported,” said Jay Healey, Vice President. “Flight Display Systems now offers an easy, inexpensive option to modernize those moving maps for the passengers.”

This is a direct pin-for-pin replacement of the Airshow™ units. There is no rewiring necessary and no aircraft down time. Contact your local avionics dealer for more information or visit Flight Display Systems.

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