TrueNorth’s Simphone OpenCabin Selected For Second USAF VIP Fleet Program


Advanced software-centric airborne system will replace MagnaStars® on U.S. government C-37A VIP transport aircraft

Ottawa, Canada (April 7, 2010) — TrueNorth Avionics, Inc., has been selected to provide its Simphone¯ OpenCabin airborne telecommunications system for a second U.S. Air Force government VIP transport aircraft under the TARS (terrestrial aeronautical radiotelephone system) program, becoming the standard airborne telecom system for the Special Air Mission C-37A (Gulfstream V) fleet. The new contract, representing 9 aircraft systems (plus spares) in 2010 alone, is a significant follow-on to TrueNorth’s selection in 2009 for the Air Force’s C-37B (Gulfstream 550 model) VIP fleet. Under that contract, Simphone¯ OpenCabin is being installed in new aircraft, with C-37B completions done by Gulfstream/Long Beach. Initial installations for the C-37A retrofit program are being performed by Gulfstream/Savannah.

A revolutionary software-centric concept, the new Simphone¯ (pronounced ‘symphony’) OpenCabin system uses a suite of enterprise-level software applications (‘apps’) to bring advanced voice and data management capabilities to business aviation. Since current hardware-centric airborne telecom systems are heavy, complex, expensive to install and prone to obsolescence, TrueNorth developed a converged solution that interfaces with virtually any corporate aircraft, turning the airplane into an extension of ground-based IT and communications networks. Benefits include robust performance, an unlimited lifespan, enterprise-level security, significant long-term cost savings and the ability to add a wide variety of custom functions by simply uploading software.

“We’re pleased that the U.S. government, like so many business aircraft operators, has also determined that Simphone¯ OpenCabin is the way to eliminate problems with complex airborne data routing, limited Internet service, porous security, poor quality voice and obsolete hardware-centric equipment,” said Mark van Berkel, TrueNorth’s CEO.

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