TAM Airlines Joins The Star Alliance On 13 May 2010


London, 30 March 2010: TAM Airlines, the largest airline in South America, will become a full member of the Star Alliance on Thursday, 13 May 2010.

Star Alliance, is the world ‘s largest commercial airline alliance with a current membership of 26 airlines. Events to mark and celebrate TAM’s membership are being scheduled in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and will bring together the main executives from TAM and its Star Alliance partners, as well as aviation and government authorities and VIP guests.

Once a full member of the Star Alliance, TAM will be able to share products and services at over one thousand destinations in the 175 countries currently served by the alliance. As from 13 May, members of the ‘TAM Fidelidade’ loyalty program, which currently has over 6.6 million members, will also be integrated with the Frequent Flyer Programs of the other 26 Star Alliance members.

TAM has already moved its London Heathrow operations from Terminal 4 to Terminal 1 as part of its full integration into the Star Alliance. The move, on Sunday, 28 March, facilitates connections with TAM’s new Star Alliance partners who operate from both Terminal 1 and 3. Star Alliance is the largest alliance operating out of the core Central Area at Heathrow.

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